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Thursday, 8 October 2015

TONIGHT! Eileen Myles launches I Must be Living Twice in conversation with Sarah Mangle

Join us on Tonight: Thursday, October 8th at 7:00 p.m. when Iconic poet Eileen Myles reads from and discusses both her new collection I Must be Living Twice, and her classic novel Chelsea Girls, which is being brought back into print simultaneously with her new book.

Ecco is proud to publish I Must be Living Twice, a collection of thrilling new and beloved past work from one of America’s most celebrated poets, Eileen Myles, a cult icon and modern favorite. It will be released simultaneously with a reissue of Eileen’s classic novel Chelsea Girls.
Eileen’s poetry and fiction is known for its blend of reality and fiction, the sublime and the ephemeral, in which Myles not only lets her readers peer into existent places—notably the East Village, where she lives—but also lifts them into dreams, imbuing the landscapes of her writing with the vividness and energy of fantasy.

I Must be Living Twice brings selections from the poet’s previous work together with a set of bold new poems, through which Myles continues to refine her sardonic, unapologetic, and fiercely intellectual literary voice. Steeped in the culture of New York City, Myles’ stomping grounds and the home of her most well-known work, she provides a wide open lens into a radical life.
Wednesday, 7 October 2015

TOP 5: September's Bestselling Magazines

Both old and new favourites were big sellers this September. Our event with Flaneur's co-editor-in-chief helped make the magazine our top seller, along with the fact that their 2014 summer issue about Rue Bernard (the street where the bookstore calls home) is still selling strong. Take a look to see what other magazine make up our top 5:

 Flaneur Magazine Issue 4 - Rome

Kinfolk Volume 17: The Family

The New Yorker

Border Crossings


TONIGHT!! Christian Bök launches Xenotext: Book 1 with special guest Jeramy Dodds

Join us on tonight : Wednesday, October 7th at 7:00 p.m. as we launch The Xenotext: Book 1 by Christian Bök with special Guest Jeramy Dodds

The Xenotext: Book 1 is an ‘infernal grimoire’ that introduces readers to the conceptual groundwork for the The Xenotext project - the world's first living poem by Christian Bök.

Internationally renowned poet Christian Bök has encoded a poem (called ‘Orpheus’) into the genome of a germ so that, in reply, the cell builds a protein that encodes yet another poem (called ‘Eurydice’). After having illustrated this idea in E. coli, Bök is planning to insert his poem into a deathless bacterium (D. radiodurans), thereby writing a text able to outlive every apocalypse, enduring till the Sun itself expires.

Special guest for the evening is Jeramy Dodds. Jeramy Dodds received his MA from the University of Iceland in Medieval Icelandic Studies. His poems have been translated into Latvian, Hungarian, Finnish, French, Swedish, Icelandic and German and has won him multiple awards. His most recent publication is a translation of the Poetic Edda (Coach House Books, 2014) from Old Icelandic into English. He is a poetry editor at Coach House Books. He currently lives in Montréal, Québec, Canada.

Out Today : Anna & Froga, Fore!

The 4th volume of Anna & Froga, published by Drawn & Quarterly, is as sweet as ever! I’m already a huge fan of Anouk Ricard’s exquisitely cute anthropomorphic characters. In fact, I’m even a little jealous of Anna’s crazy friends, Froga the frog, Christopher the earthworm,  Bubu the dog and Ron the cat.

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy reading about Christopher the earthworm and his most recent crush, the charming Agatha. Yes, in Ricard’s world, earthworms have feelings too. When Cupid strikes, not only does Christopher experience get butterflies in his stomach, but the poor creature is so shaken up he loses the ability to talk and passes out! Just like me (except I’d rather walk than crawl).

Keep reading, and you’ll be transported to a restaurant, the cool new place that just opened nearby. Unfortunately for our friends, the "catch of the day" so brightly announced in the menu turns out to be a rotten can of tuna, and they find hairs in their plates. The gastronomic nightmare is hilarious and will potentially comfort any child forced to eat his or her greens.

But there’s more! Ricard brings us to a wacky mini-golf tournament, and to the pool, where our friends execute majestic belly flops.

It never turns out the way it should, but that's exactly why Anna & Froga is so brilliant!

From a garage sale where Bubu tries to sell chewed up pen caps to a piano concert, Anouk Ricard’s stories impress with their colourful characters and mordant humour.

TOP 5: September's Bestselling Kid's and Young Adult Books!

This September, we were happy to host a couple of great events for young readers. Between our Kid's Pop workshop with Élise Gravel, and the launch for Tom la tondeuse, September was a fun-filled month! Here's a peak at our top 5 kid's bestsellers of the month:

The Princess and the Pony (Kate Beaton)

Tom la tondeuse (Brian A. M. Smith and Sophie P.A.)

Le pou (Élise Gravel)

A is for activist (Innosanto Nagara)

L'ABC de Monsieur Pizza (Ohara hale)

Be sure to join us this October for more great kid's events, including Isabelle Arsenault's launch for Alpha, and Craig Thompson's launch for Space Dumplins.
Tuesday, 6 October 2015

TOP 5: September's Bestselling Graphic Novels

September was a great month for new books! We launched the latest from Sam Alden, Kate Beaton, Meags Fitzgerald, and Sherwin Tjia. On top of that, Phoebe Gloeckner's Diary of a Teenage Girl - recently revised in conjunction with the film - was our graphic novel book club pick. And here are the month's bestsellers:

New Construction: Two More Stories - Sam Alden

Diary of a Teenage Girl - Phoebe Gloeckner

You are a Kitten! - Sherwin Tjia

Long Red Hair - Meags Fitzgerald

Step Aside, Pops - Kate Beaton

New and Notable: Montreal Cooks: A Tasting Menu from the City's Leading Chefs

Out today! Montreal Cooks is a delectable new book that assembles the favourite recipes of Montreal's most exciting chefs. Authors Jonathan Cheung and Tays Spencer set out to show the world why Montreal is an international culinary destination, and help us all to expand our own kitchen capabilities.

Gail Simmons, renowned Canadian culinary and television personality, provides an introduction, noting that "Montreal chefs and restaurants are finally getting the recognition they deserve, for cooking some of the most outrageous, exciting, thought-provoking and fabulous food in the world."

Gita Seaton of Nouveau Palais
There are forty amazing chef-restaurant pairings in here, including Gita Seaton of Nouveau Palais (our almost-neighbours on Bernard!), Camilla Wynne of Preservation Society (who launched her book here this year), Andy Su of Gia Ba, Marie-Pier Morin of Leméac, and Christopher Parasiuk of Manitoba.

Camilla Wynne of Preservation Society
Now you can never say you don't know where to eat or what to cook ever again!

Event Recap: Conundrum Double Launch with Meags Fitzgerald and Sherwin Tjia

On Wednesday, September 23, we were thrilled to host a double launch for two award-winning Conundrum Press artists: Meags Fitzgerald and Sherwin Tjia!

Meags presented her new autobiographical graphic novel, Long Red Hair, and Sherwin presented You Are A Kitten!, the third installment in his cat-based Pick-A-Plot series.

Meags, who won the 2015 Doug Wright Award for her previous graphic novel, Photobooth, let us in on the difficult process of making her new book in dark green and dark orange duotone. The gist is that it is very time-consuming, but yields beautiful results—to which we can attest! She read us an excerpt from the book, which introduces her first awareness of queerness as a child.

Meags' presentation was followed by a Q&A with host Matt Goldberg. Discussion topics: the important of communicating with friends and family when writing autobiography; Jessica Rabbit as a deeply crush-worthy cartoon character; the relationship between identity and personal appearance; the resurgence of the witch as a powerful female figure in pop culture.

Fun fact: Meags taught herself to write and draw with her non-dominant hand! (This makes her dual-handed, not ambidextrous.) Check out this ad she participated in for a certain telecommunications company. Impressive!

The ever-entertaining Sherwin then took to the stage to tell us about what it's like to imagine yourself as a kitten.

He didn't want to give away too much of the book, so instead, he gave us the lowdown on his many upcoming "improbable cat projects":

1. A cat-shaped cosy for your hot water bottle

2. Passing out cat tracts in the streets in order to promote cats over dogs

3. A cat treehouse ("Cats love to look down on people!")

4. Cat video games: One, inspired by Candy Crush, involves matching three cat faces to make them disappear, while the other involves the player, as a cat, rolling around to stay in a moving sunbeam.

5. A book with funny characters with holes for heads: cats would put their heads through the holes cos they love that.

6. Robo-cat-calls! Why not a robocall that’s just a purring cat?

7. A cat bed that is shaped like cat with a furry belly

8. Cat ventriloquism

9. Missing Cat Bureau of Investigation (read the book to find out more!)

10. A painting of a cat made with cat paw prints

11. Make Your Own Cat Tree

12. A line of bird houses that are one foot off the ground–for the enjoyment of cats, not birds, of course

Sherwin also did a Q&A with Matt, during which they discussed the challenges of writing a pick-a-plot book with a kitten protagonist. Says Sherwin: “I didn’t anticipate that when you’re a kitten, you don’t have that many choices! It's like writing a You Are A Baby pick-a-plot book!" But, having the imagination he does, he figured it out.

Fun fact: Sherwin doesn't own any cats! What? He explains that his current living set-up wouldn't be ideal for a cat. But one day he'll have a cat-friendly place, and will have three cat friends!

Both Meags' and Sherwin's books are available at the Librairie D+Q!

OUT TODAY: Killing and Dying

Adrian Tomine's Killing and Dying, out on Drawn & Quarterly, hits shelves today! With its acetate jacket and stunning, stark cover it's a gorgeous, weighty object. It collects six stories of Tomine in top form taken from Optic Nerve 12 - 14. Each story gives form to those ineffable interior moments we all have as well as moral conflicts without resolution we face. It is nothing short of essential.

With its distinctive fusion of pathos and deadpan humour, Hortisculpture tells the story of a frustrated artist. Tomine perfectly captures the ambivalence of this character, whose blindness to the people around him is painful to watch unfold even while you pity him.

Translated, from the Japanese, is a story told in still images. With a history of cover illustrations for the New Yorker, Tomine is proficient in communicating narrative through subtle detail.

Killing and Dying, the titular story, is a poignant glimpse into parenthood and family life. His potent use of color and pacing fuse seamlessly here in a depiction that's all too real.

Go see D&Q's blog for some stunning photographs or read the interview with Adrian for the New Yorker from earlier this year for more insight into his work.
Monday, 5 October 2015

TOP 5: September's Bestselling Fiction and Non-fiction

September was quite a month for anticipated fiction and non-fiction. We got new work from Elena Ferrante, Jonathan Franzen, Salman Rushdie, Margo Jefferson, Mindy Kaling, and so many others. We also had several well-attended launches here at the store!

Here's what everyone was reading in September:

My Brilliant Friend and The Story of the Lost Child (Elena Ferrante, translated by Ann Goldstein)
These are volumes 1 and 4 of the Neopolitan Novels, which, it seems, everyone is either beginning or finishing!

Bad Feminist (Roxane Gay)
We can hardly wait for Roxane Gay in conversation with Rachel Zellars at the Ukrainian Federation on October 22!

Mouthquake (Daniel Allen Cox)
We were honoured host the Montreal launch for this new novel by the always exciting Montreal writer!

Purity (Jonathan Franzen)

Americanah (Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie)
Saturday, 3 October 2015

New and notable: Dorothy books by Joanna Walsh and Marianne Fritz

Since devouring both Nell Zink's The Wallcreeper and Azareen Van Der Vliet Oloomi's Fra Keeler earlier this year, I have been eagerly anticipating the two fall titles from Dorothy, a publishing project. Dorothy is a press "dedicated to works of fiction or near fiction or about fiction, mostly by women." So far I have found their releases to be engrossing and strange, fresh and disturbing.

Joanna Walsh is a British writer, fiction editor and illustrator, whose writing has received high praise from Chris Kraus and Jeff Vandermeer, among others. Vertigo is a series of linked stories that take us into the spaces between everyday things and rituals.

"Reading Vertigo has opened even wider my conceptions of what's possible in fiction—how a book can be like a series of photographs, like cinema....I've not read anything like it and feel it is quietly subverting the hell out of the form."—Amina Cain (Creature, I Go to Some Hollow)

Walsh also has a new book of non-fiction out: Hotel (Bloomsbury Academic Object Lessons series) is a memoir and a meditation that draws from Walsh's time as a hotel reviewer, a job she took while enduring the breakdown of an unhappy marriage.

Austrian writer Marianne Fritz (1948–2007) has never before been translated. Here we have a translation of possibly her only translatable book, The Weight of Things, which, in its original German, won the 1978 Robert Walser Prize. Her later work includes the 10,000 page literary project called "The Fortress", which involves diagrams and typescripts so complex that the publisher had to print them straight from her original documents. This first novel exposes the cruelty and hypocrisy of the 20th century through the form of a domestic horror story.

Adrian Nathan West, translator of The Weight of Things, has written a compelling essay in the Paris Review that helps to familiarize English-language readers with Fritz.

Both these titles have shot to the top of my fall reading list! Yours too, perhaps?
Friday, 2 October 2015

TONIGHT!! Rom Com: a book launch with Daniel & Dina and special guests!

 Hi Montreal!

Listen, it's Dina and Daniel, and we are VERY into you. You have all the things we love. Sexy people doing sexy things eating terribly unsexy food (poutine). Now that you know how much we love you, please join us TONIGHT Friday, October 2nd from 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. to help launch our collaborative book of poems Rom Com. It's about romantic comedies and stuff (stuff meaning feelings and other cool things that make you go hun?).

Joining us will be special guests with cutie-pie Mike Spry, poet on fleek Bükem Reitmayer and
Andrea Bennett.

So what are you doing October 2nd? We hope to see you at Drawn+Quarterly and for some fun drinks afterwards.

Carrie Brownstein launches Hunger Makes me a Modern Girl November 16th!

Tickets on sale 10am, Friday, October 9th
Available at 211 Bernard Ouest or online
$15 or free with a purchase of Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl (in store only) stop by (211 Bernard Ouest) or call (514-279-2224) to reserve a ticket with a credit card.

Librairie Drawn & Quarterly presents:

Carrie Brownstein launches HUNGER MAKE ME A MODERN GIRL: A MEMOIR
in conversation with Jessica Hopper. 
Monday, November 16th

Ukrainian Federation Hall (5213 rue Hutchison)
doors, 5:30, event 7pm

Oh dear! I can't believe how exciting this news is. We're so very proud to be hosting the launch for Carrie Brownstein's first, highly anticipated memoir! HUNGER MAKES ME A MODERN GIRL: A MEMOIR is the story of Brownstein's formative years in the Olympia, Washington Riot Grrrl scene up until Sleater-Kinney's hiatus after their acclaimed album The Woods and details her ascent from ardent music fan to the beloved and pioneering performer she is today.

 Oh yeah, we're fans alright and not just of her musical endeavours -  in the influential punk rock outfit Excuse 17, classic indie heroes (and recently reunited) Sleater-Kinney, and her supergroup Wild Flag - but also her comedy work, alongside fellow musician-turned-comedian Fred Armisen in the Emmy and Peabody award-winning sketch-comedy sensation Portlandia.

Carrie has written the book everyone has been waiting for. It looks inside the Riot Grrrl scene in Olympia from the outside in—from a fan to the stage, and what happens when your dream becomes your nightmare. So many times while reading this book I screamed, “Yes!” inside. You can feel Carrie’s visceral guitar swirling energy on every page. An amazing writer.
 —Kim Gordon

And, as if that weren't enough, joining on-stage in conversation will be Pitchfork senior editor, Jessica Hopper!

Hopper's newest collection THE FIRST COLLECTION OF CRITICISM BY A LIVING FEMALE ROCK CRITIC is a Librairie D+Q bestseller and staff favourite. We're so happy to have her here as well!

Tickets go on sale Friday, October 9th and 10am ($15 or free with a pre-purchase of HUNGER MAKES ME A MODERN GIRL at the shop, 211 Bernard Ouest) don't miss out on grabbing a couple for what will be one of the most exciting events of the year.
Thursday, 1 October 2015

New & Notable: Dust & Grooves!

Because I now work out of the office, booking events, choosing books for school libraries, and trading jokes with the  rest of my D+Q office-mates, I miss out on the daily pleasure of seeing the brand new books that come through the doors every day at the good ship 211. Today, I'm here -at the bookstore to be specific- and  this big treasury caught my eye (of course, because I love records like I do books)!

Dust & Grooves: Adventures in Record Collecting is a gorgeous 436-page coffee table book containing interviews and photos of record collectors and diggers of all-sorts (I was pleased to find my friend Greg Casseus included within and also a quote from McGill's William Straw). Mostly culled from the website -  a necessary destination for anyone who gets a kick from looking at shelves upon shelves of record spines and the living spaces that house them -  there are also lots of interviews with both  lesser-known and better-known collectors (like Joe Bussard and Questlove) who tell about their stories about digging disappointments and fabulous finds.

Dust & Grooves is a perfect gift for the record hound in your life, because the next best thing to listening to records is reading about them.

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