Wednesday, 19 September 2018

New D&Q: Pyongyang (new edition) by Guy Delisle

The new edition of Guy Delisle's Pyongyang is officially out today! First published in French in 2003 and in English (by Drawn & Quarterly) in 2005, Pyongyang is one of Guy Delisle’s most iconic travelogue comics, taking the reader on an unprecedented and wryly humorous docu-graphic tour of closed-off North Korea, where photography is restricted and journalists are forbidden. This book, which made Delisle's career, has been an international bestseller for over ten years.

More relevant than ever, Pyongyang has been freshly reissued with a new cover and an introduction by film director Gore Verbinski, who had hoped to adapt the book for the screen before the project was deemed too geopolitically volatile.

While living in the nation's capital for two months on a work visa, Delisle observed everything he was allowed to see of the culture and lives of the few North Koreans he encountered, bringing a sardonic and skeptical perspective on a place rife with propaganda. Delisle himself is the ideal foil for North Korean spin, the grumpy outsider who brought a copy of George Orwell’s 1984 with him into the totalitarian nation.

As a guide to the country, Delisle is a non-believer with a keen eye for the humor and tragedy of dictatorial whims, expressed in looming architecture and tiny, omnipresent photos of the President. The absurd vagaries of everyday life become fodder for a frustrated animator’s musings as boredom and censorship sink in.

Pyongyang is an informative, personal, and accessible look at a dangerous and enigmatic country which has recently been the target of the American presidency's unpredictable whims and inflammatory rhetoric. Read it today!

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

New D+Q: Woman World by Aminder Dhaliwal

Aminder Dhaliwal's debut graphic novel Woman World is in stores today! Dhaliwal began writing Woman World as an Instagram comic in 2017 and quickly gained an enthusiastic following. Now those comics, as well as new never-before-seen material, are collected together for readers to own and enjoy!

Set in a futuristic world, a strange birth defect renders the planet void of men. The remaining population of women must come together to build the foundation for a new society - Woman World.

In this new community, the characters of Woman World fall in and out of love, seek out knowledge about the past, and share many funny moments.

Click here to visit Aminder Dhaliwal's author page, and stop by the store to pick up a copy of Woman World!

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Announcing: Kazu Kibuishi at the Rialto Theatre for Amulet #8: Supernova

Librairie Drawn & Quarterly presents:

The bestselling creator of Amulet, Kazu Kibuishi, launching Supernova (Amulet # 8)!
Presentation followed by a Q+A and author signing

Thanksgiving Monday, October 8th, 2018
Doors open at 3pm - Presentation at 4pm
Rialto Theatre, 5723 Av du Parc

$5 for adults and up to 2 free tickets for children under 12 with adult purchase
Available online or in store
Suggested age: 8+

To prepurchase the book or for any questions, please contact one of the two Drawn & Quarterly bookstores by phone at : 514-279-2279 (La Petite) or 514-279-2224 (Librairie Drawn & Quarterly) or via email at :

Kazu Kibuishi is the writer and artist of the New York Times Bestselling AMULET graphic novel series, published by Scholastic Graphix. He is also the editor/art director/cover artist of the EXPLORER and FLIGHT Comic Anthologies, and the creator of the webcomic Copper. His debut graphic novel, Daisy Kutter: The Last Train, won a YALSA Best Books for Young Adults Award in 2005. In 2012, he illustrated the covers for the Harry Potter 15th Anniversary Edition paperbacks.

Kazu currently works as a full-time graphic novelist. He also speaks at schools. He lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife, author Amy Kim Kibuishi, and their children.

Supernova (Amulet Book Eight)

Emily has lost control of her Amulet and is imprisoned in the Void, where she must find a way to escape the influence of the Voice. Meanwhile, Emily's brother, Navin, travels to Lighthouse One, a space station where the Resistance is preparing to battle the approaching Shadow forces that would drain Alledia of all its resources. Emily and Navin must be smarter and stronger than ever to ensure Alledia's survival.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Gary Shteyngart launches Lake Success at the Rialto Hall

Librairie Drawn & Quarterly and Penguin Random House present 
Gary Shteyngart in conversation with Joseph Rosen for the launch of Lake Success.

Rialto Hall, 5711 Avenue Du Parc
Doors at 6 pm, event at 7 pm

Tickets on sale online and in store! 15% discount on Lake Success with ticket. 

The bestselling author of Super Sad True Love Story returns with a biting, brilliant, emotionally resonant novel very much of our times.

"Shteyngart, perhaps more than any American writer of his generation, is a natural. He is light, stinging, insolent and melancholy... he doesn't disappoint."The New York Times

Narcissistic, hilariously self-deluded, and divorced from the real world as most of us know it, hedge-fund manager Barry Cohen oversees $2.4 billion in assets. Deeply stressed by an SEC investigation and by his three-year-old son’s diagnosis of autism, he flees New York on a Greyhound bus in search of a simpler, more romantic life with his old college sweetheart. Meanwhile, his super-smart wife, Seema—a driven first-generation American who craved the picture-perfect life that comes with wealth—has her own demons to face. How these two flawed characters navigate the Shteyngartian chaos of their own making is at the heart of this piercing exploration of the 0.1 Percent, a poignant tale of familial longing and an unsentimental ode to what really makes America great.

GARY SHTEYNGART is the New York Times bestselling author of the novels Super Sad True Love Story, Absurdistan, and The Russian Debutante's Handbook. His memoir, Little Failure, was named one of the best books of 2014 by more than 45 publications and was a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award. His fiction and essays have appeared in The New Yorker, The New York Times Magazine, Granta, Esquire, GQ, Travel + Leisure, and many others.

JOSEPH ROSEN is a writer, teacher, and dad based in Montreal’s bagel district. His writings have appeared in The WalrusMaisonneuven+1 magazineThe Montreal GazetteShtetl Montreal & elsewhere. Rosen teaches at Dawson College in Montreal, and is an affiliated researcher at Concordia University’s Curating and Public Scholarship Lab. He has a PhD in how messed up the world is, but he hasn’t given up hope yet.

New D+Q: Berlin by Jason Lutes!

Jason Lutes' Berlin is out today! 20 years in the making, this epic narrative tracks the rise of fascism through years in the titular city before WWII. Lutes has been publishing Berlin in serialized comics with Drawn + Quarterly for two decades The final installment was published last spring, and this edition brings the whole story together in a one volume.  An incredible comic achievement!

Berlin's story is seen through they eyes of the everyday. It is populated with journalists and artists, communists and fascists, the hopeful and the resigned. Through these characters, we witness the ways in which radical political shifts are quickly normalized. 

It is required reading in trying to comprehend the current high-stakes political and social divisions happening in the US right now, in addition to nations especially impacted by migration, injustice, and rising wealth disparity. 

For those who already have the first two paperback editions of Berlin, the third and final volume, City of Light is also available in the store, although the complete edition is a must-have for every comic enthusiast.

Monday, 3 September 2018

This Shelf Belongs to... Rawi Hage!

Each month, Librairie Drawn & Quarterly invites a local author or artist to curate a shelf in the store. This September, we bring you recommendations from Rawi Hage!

Rawi Hage was born in Beirut, Lebanon, and lived through nine years of the Lebanese civil war during the 1970s and 1980s. He immigrated to Canada in 1992 and now lives in Montreal. His first novel, De Niro's Game, won the IMPAC Dublin Literary Award for the best English-language book published anywhere in the world. Both of his subsquent novels Cockroach and Carnival were awarded the Paragraphe Hugh MacLennan Prize for Fiction and a finalist for the Governor General's Award. His is also a Giller and Governor General Award nominee and his work has been translated into 30 languages.

Hage's most recent book, Beirut Hellfire Society is launched at La Petite Librairie Drawn & Quarterly on September 11th, 2018!

All of Rawi's picks will be 15% off for the month of September. Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find:

By Daniil Kharms
A collection of writings and poems by one of the founders of a Russian absurdist movement.

By Chester Brown
A pleasurable exploration of the world of prostitution. 

By Susan Sontag
An essential read for every hipster who uses a Lomo camera.
Tuesday, 21 August 2018

New D&Q: Lisa Hanawalt's Coyote Doggirl

New from Bojack Horseman producer Lisa Hanawalt comes the story of Coyote Doggirl: dreamer, drama queen, brave adventurer, and self-assured hot mess. Half dog and half coyote, she rides where she wants, sews her own crop tops, and needs help from nobody.

Following Coyote as she hunts for her trusty steed Red and attempts to exact her revenge on the dirty dogs who wronged her, Coyote Doggirl is, as Priestdaddy author Patricia Lockwood says, a "story of flight and vengeance, sunsets and sagebrush, love and leather underwear. Hanawalt's blues could be set in the sky and belong there; her pinks are almost alive."

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

New D&Q: The Moomins and the Great Flood by Tove Jansson!

The Moomins and the Great Flood, the very first Moomin book by beloved author/illustrator Tove Jansson (it was published in Finland in 1945), is out today in a new edition from Drawn & Quarterly!

Written during the 1939-40 Finnish-Soviet Union conflict, or The Winter War, Jansson uses the unusual setting of a natural catastrophe to provide the background of her first children’s book and the first appearance of her cherished Moomin characters. Though written as an escape from the horrors of war and its consequences, Jansson uses them as a basis for the many obstacles that the characters face, from separated families to forced displacement.

Separated from Moominpappa and wandering without a home, Moominmamma and Moomintroll need to find a place to settle down for the winter, someplace sunny and safe from the dangers of the unknown. But before they can rest, they must cross a dark and sinister forest and find their way through a flood of epic proportions -- though they make some friends along the way, like Sniff (here referred to only as "the little creature") and the fair Tulippa.

The grim setting and constant misfortune that befall the characters are an apt introduction to the unique sensibility that makes Jansoon's Moomin books so enduring charming: the mix of innocent wonder and tough-minded Scandinavian existentialism. The Moomins' journey seems daunting but they forge ahead, with Moominmamma’s kindness and patience giving Moomin the courage he needs to face the strange, unexplored path that lies ahead of them.

With its beautiful sepia-toned watercolours and curious, playful prose, The Moonins and the Great Flood will have you rooting for the Moomins and their quest to find Moominpappa and a place to call home. For die-hard Moomin fans or those new to the characters, this book is sure to delight.

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Chantal: Summer Reads

Be Prepared byVera Brosgol

Meet Vera a Misfit after my own heart, who is sent to Russian Camp and quickly learns that camp is not just about roasting marshmallows and campfire songs. Mean girls, making friends and life lessons all wrapped up in this beautifully drawn depiction of those awkward pre-teen years.

What Does Consent Really Mean? By Pete Wallis and Thalia Wallis

Follow a group of friends as they walk home from school mulling over what consent really means after they learn of a classmate who was assaulted. Sexual resources are provided at the end of the book. What a great way to start a hard to start a conversation with young adults both male and female.

Be Still Life by Ohara Hale

Playful and contemplative Be Still Life teaches children mindfulness and also keeps up with the silliness in life too. A book that is sure to delight anyone willing to listen to their fruit bowl. Shhhh... the apple has something to say.

How to Be a Lion by Ed Vere

I love Leonard the lion, I am positive we could be great friends, if only ...

Leonard is not the usual ferocious beast that lions are known to be, watch his friendship blossom with Marianne a duck who is as sensitive and poetic as Leonard. Follow these buddies as they take on a bullying group of lions and shut down stereotypes and peer pressure.

Ocean Meets Sky by The Fan Brothers

Beautiful, lovely and dreamy are the words that first come to mind when I closed this book. A story of a young boy who is set on a quest by his grandfather to find the place where the ocean meets the sky.

The Prince And The Dress Maker by Jen Wang

Prince Sebastian leads a double life and only his dressmaker and dear friend Francis know about it. Sebastian is really Lady Crystallia a top model that's taken Paris by storm. But the pressure of Sebastian's family honour and being true to himself are a constant struggle. Jen Wang's imagery and narration is charming, sensitive and sweet. Themes of friendship, love, family and loyalty are woven through the narrative with effortless exuberance.

Petra by Marianna Coppo

Petra is the most optimistic rock I have ever encountered because she is not just a rock. She is also a mountain and egg and for a short while a dogs companion. There are more adventures then that, but you will have to read the book to find out what Petra gets up to next.

Great Dog by Davide Cali

Great Dog is a wonderfully delightful book. The illustrations and colours are beautiful, capturing the whimsy of the narrative. Great Dog tells the story of a father and son who go through their family tree together looking at the greatness of their family members. Each page has a fold out and something to giggle at. The twist at the end makes it even better than expected.

Do Not Lick This Book by Idan Ben-Barak and Julian Frost

It starts with a Microbe named Min who goes on the deep adventure to explain what a microbe is and brings the reader up close and personal with some very friendly microbes who surround us. A wonderful way to teach children about germs, microbes and why it's not a good idea to lick the park slide.
Friday, 3 August 2018

Librairie Drawn & Quarterly is hiring!

Librairie Drawn & Quarterly is hiring! Bookseller

Job Description - Bookseller -

We are looking for a part-time Bookseller to help with the daily operations of our bilingual comics / contemporary literature / art / children’s literature bookstore, Librairie Drawn & Quarterly and La Petite Librairie Drawn & Quarterly, located at 211+176 Bernard Street West.
Ideal candidates should have retail experience as well as a strong understanding of the international comics and literary publishing industry, ranging from New York Review of Books, Alto, and New Directions to Pow Pow and Koyama Press with an emphasis on the Canadian independent landscape and our local authors and cartoonists. Candidates will be knowledgeable of books and cartoonists published by Drawn & Quarterly as well as D+Q’s place in both contemporary comics, literature and retailing. Booksellers must love to read both graphic novels and contemporary literature.
The ideal candidate has experience working in bookstores and is completely bilingual in French and English.

  • Reading! Every newly published Drawn & Quarterly graphic novel, classics and bestsellers. Must be an avid reader of both books and book culture.
  • Delighting customers, handselling, and building repeat business. Must feel comfortable discussing books in public and open to differences of opinion and civil discourse.
  • Contributing to a continuous and active Social Media profile for the store including facebook, instagram, twitter.
  • Being friendly and outgoing. People skills and customer service are a must. Need to be able to act as a host during book launches and speak in public on stage to introduce invited authors.
  • Maintaining positive relationships with other members of the sales team and working as part of a team.
  • Engaging with local cartoonists and members of the writing community.
  • Assisting customers when they have questions, concerns or complaints.
  • Being available to work in-store, off site events and industry events such as rep meetings and library conferences.
  • Using our POS system: run restock & sales reports, replenish floor stock, receive and shelve incoming books, return old stock, and flag any issues to management
  • Liaise with the D+Q publishing headquarters as needed.
  • Must love to read.
  • Have a belief in and understands the realities of independent retailing and publishing.
  • Proven experience at excellent customer service
  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal abilities. Flexible and open to different opinions. Willingness to learn new things. Must be able to take direction as well as able to work independently.
  • Excellent organization and leadership skills.
  • Must be able to work weekends and evenings, as well as Dec 15-Jan 5, and during Salon du Livre (2018 = 14-19 November)
  • Knowledge of comics/book industry
  • Must be computer literate in Microsoft word programs (excel) and Google Docs with ability to learn new programs with ease and efficiency.
  • Flair for creative merchandising and window displays.
  • Must be able to lift 70 lbs. And be able to lift boxes of books.
  • Bilingual: EN/FR Comfortable reading, writing and speaking in both languages.
  • Knowledge of Bookmanager
  • Asana, WhenIWork, Google Drive and apps
  • Driver’s Licence
  • Lives in close proximity to the store
  • First Aid
  • Other languages skills beyond French and English

This position would require you to work between 15 and 30 hours per week.
If you are interested in applying, please email
A CV, cover letter and a list of books you love in a PDF attachment. The deadline for applications is Monday, August 20th, 2018.
In the subject line of email include your name, DQ Bookseller Application. IE “Enid Coleslaw, DQ Bookseller Application”

We encourage people of all backgrounds to apply, including people of colour, immigrants, LGBTQ+, people with disabilities, women, and those with diverse life experiences.

La librairie Drawn & Quarterly embauche!
Description du poste - Libraire

Nous sommes à la recherche de personnes intéressées à devenir libraire à la Librairie Drawn & Quarterly, située au 211, Rue Bernard Ouest et à la Petite Librairie Drawn & Quarterly, située au 176 Rue Bernard Ouest. Les postes à combler consistent à des emplois à temps partiel (environ 15 à 30 heures par semaine). Nos librairies proposent des livres en français et en anglais, et sont spécialisées dans la bande dessinée, la littérature contemporaine, les livres d’art et les livres pour enfant.

La personne idéale devrait avoir de l’expérience dans la vente au détail ainsi qu’une solide connaissance du secteur de l’édition littéraire et de la bande dessinée internationale, allant de la New York Review of Books, Alto et New Directions à Pow Pow et Koyama Press, en mettant l’accent sur le paysage indépendant du Canada et nos auteurs et dessinateurs locaux. Elle connaîtra les livres et les dessinateurs publiés par Drawn & Quarterly et la place que s’est taillée D+Q dans la bande dessinée et la littérature contemporaine ainsi que la vente au détail. Elle doit aimer lire à la fois les romans graphiques et la littérature contemporaine.

Le candidat idéal a de l’expérience de travail en librairie et possède une excellente maîtrise du français et de l’anglais.

Responsabilités :
  • Lire ! Tous les romans graphiques, classiques et best-sellers nouvellement publiés chez Drawn & Quarterly.
  • Le candidat doit présenter un intérêt marqué pour la lecture et le livre.
  • Faire le bonheur des clients, leur offrir un service personnalisé de façon à en faire des clients fidèles. Être à l’aise pour discuter de livres en public et être ouvert aux différences d’opinion et de discours civil.
  • Contribuer à la présence continue et active de la librairie sur les plateformes de réseaux sociaux, notamment Facebook, Instagram et Twitter.
  • Être amical et sociable. Les capacités relationnelles et l'excellence en service à la clientèle sont un impératif.
  • Être capable d’animer les lancements de livres et de parler en public pour présenter les auteurs invités.
  • Maintenir de bonnes relations avec d’autres membres de l’équipe de vente et travailler en équipe.
  • Travailler avec des dessinateurs locaux et des membres de la communauté littéraire.
  • Aider les clients lorsqu’ils ont des questions, des préoccupations ou des plaintes.
  • Être disponible pour travailler en magasin et hors site lors de la tenue d’évènements à l’extérieur ou dans l’industrie comme les réunions de représentants et les conférences de libraires.
  • Utiliser notre système de points de vente : exécuter des rapports de réacheminement et de vente, reconstituer le stock de plancher, recevoir les nouveautés et les mettre en place, faire les retours et signaler tout problème à la gestion.
  • Assurer la liaison avec le siège de D+Q au besoin.

  • Le candidat idéal aime lire.
  • Excellente compréhension des réalités de la vente au détail et de la publication indépendante.
  • Excellence démontrée en service à la clientèle.
  • Excellente capacité de communication et capacités interpersonnelles. Flexible et ouvert aux différentes opinions.
  • Volonté d’apprendre de nouvelles choses.
  • Autonomie, aptitude à travailler de façon autonome.
  • Excellente organisation et compétences de leadership.
  • Disponible la plupart des week-ends et quelques soirées, ainsi que du 15 décembre au 5 janvier et pendant le Salon du Livre (2018 = 14-19 novembre).
  • Excellentes connaissances de la bande dessinée et de l’industrie du livre.
  • Bonne connaissance des logiciels Word, Excel et Google Docs, capable d’apprendre à utiliser de nouveaux programmes avec facilité et efficacité.
  • Flair pour la mise en marché créative et les affichages de Windows.
  • Doit pouvoir soulever 70 lb. et des boîtes de livres.
  • Bilingue : excellente maîtrise du français et de l’anglais, tant à l’oral qu’à l’écrit.

  • Connaissance de Bookmanager, Asana, WhenIWork, Google Drive et les applications
  • Permis de conduire
  • Habite à proximité du magasin
  • Formation aux premiers secours
  • Connaissance d’autres langues

Ce poste vous obligerait à travailler entre 15 et 30 heures par semaine.

Si vous souhaitez présenter votre candidature, veuillez envoyer un courriel à avec votre CV, votre lettre de motivation et une liste de livres que vous aimez ci joint en format PDF. Veuillez inclure « Ton Nom, DQ Poste de Libraire» dans la ligne d’objet. Par exemple: « Enid Coleslaw, DQ Poste de Librairie »
La date limite de postuler est lundi, le 20 août, 2018.

On encourage les peuples de diverses origines de postuler, y compris des personnes de couleur, des immigrant-e-s, membres de la communauté LGBTQ+, les personnes handicapées, les femmes, et ceux et celles avec diverses expériences de vie.  

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