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Julien swiped this photo offa someone's Flickr set and I have to say this is the sweetest photo I've seen of the store yet. That's it, no real content, just a good picture of the store. Happy Holidays!! {Is that Pete Thompson on stage? On the floor, Claudia and Julien.}

Nekojiru Udon

Apres une attente interminable, les 3 volumes ultra-rares de la serie Nekojiru Udon sont finalement en librairie! Assurement dans le top 5 de mes auteurs preferes, la mysterieuse Nekojiru semble tristement ignoree par la plupart des maisons d'edition dans le monde. Heureusement, IMHO est la et il s'agit, a ma connaissance, du seul editeur a avoir rendu une partie de son oeuvre accessible hors du Japon.

Affreusement qualifiee de 'Hello Kitty sur acide', Nekojiru Udon est une serie de courtes histoires independantes qui prennent place dans l'univers decale et absurde du abunakawaii, le mignon et le dangereux. Les trois volumes suivent Nyato et Nyata, deux chats frere et soeur egoistes et un peu cruels, qui veulent avoir du bon temps et qui ne se laissent pas marcher sur les pieds; quitte a mettre un terme a la vie de ceux qui les brossent dans le mauvais sens du poil.

Meme si un certain degout cynique de l'humanite transpire parfois de Nekojiru Udon, on peut aussi y voir une volonte de vie dans la liberte totale, ou bien (tout simplement) les debordements desinvoltes d'un humour noir et sans tabous. Avec des dialogues aigres et tranchants et une esthetique naive et psychedelique, ces trois volumes sont hilarants, et vraiment styles.

Boxing Days Goodness

Here are a few shots of the books we currently have on sale for our boxing kind-of-a-week. Don't hesitate to walk up on the stage like the star you are, because we have even more bargains sitting on the tables up there. And fyi, our calendars are all on sale as well; and yes, that includes this beauty.

Boxing Day(s) Sale at the Librairie!

So I know all of you are likely not on the computer, refreshing the 211 blog obsessively and waiting for news from us, but here we are regardless with a big THANK YOU for all of your awesome patronage this past year. Like youtube videos of parrots playing footsie with cats, the fact that people are still excited about independent and locally-run business truly warms the cockles of my heart.

In order to celebrate, we're offering a giant sale (10-20% off) on tons of amazing books from fiction and non-fiction to giant art books to graphic novels galore to calendars to manga to french stuff.....

The sale starts tomorrow at High Noon and will go until Monday at sundown. Well, ok, until we close, which is a little after sundown, but my New Year's resolution is to place poetry before rational thought anyhow.

On behalf of Librairie Drawn & Quarterly, we hope you have a very Happy Holiday time!

Look, if you're not going to spend all your money at 211 Bernard then...

consider these folks. They are pals. Yes, there are other places nearby as well but I got busy and didn't take pictures of them.

Atelier Woodenapples (5403 ave du parc,(514)315-8912):

Our pal Amy runs a nice little hand-craft-y store a couple blocks from ours. Lots of nice (GIFT!) items by local artists that you can't find anywhere else. What else do you need to know?

Phonopolis (5403A ave du parc, right next door to Woodenapples):

Lots of vinyl in my fave record store in town (it's half a block from my house so...). Nathan's got a good curatorial sense so there's very little chaff in his pile of used releases. Also, all your new faves are here.

La Lumiere (right across the street from Librairie Drawn & Quarterly):

If you live in Mile-End then you know Trixie and her awesome kids Tallulah and Augie. When you need a break from shopping you should drop in and get a coffee or a burrito or a vegan cupcake. This is truly a family run vegetarian/vegan business and you should support!

So this is a little out of our neighborhood, but there's plenty of shopping in Petit Italia and you're gonna get hungry anywhere you go. May I suggest that if you want something a little less a-bunch-of-old-guys-watching-soccer-and-sipping-lattes then check out Le Pickup. It's run by our pals Penny and Bernie. They actually have meat on the menu!! It's like an old fashioned greasy spoon--only better. (here's the info: 7032 rue Waverly (514) 271-8011))


For all those who wake up early, stay up late, or realize the night before embarking on that long journey home for the holidays that they don't in fact, have any presents for anyone, we are heeding your calls and yelps and extending the hours of our bookstore for the next week and all it's bustle.

Phew. That sentence is actually the one verse of "I Know what I Know" by Paul Simon that he decided to cut out at the last minute. And for your last minute-ness, I present you with our store Holiday Hours:

Friday, December 19th: 10am to 10pm
Saturday, December 20th: 10am to 10pm
Sunday, December 21st: 10 am to 10pm
Monday, December 22nd: 10am to 10pm
Tuesday, December 23rd: 10am to 10pm
Wednesday, December 24th: 12pm to 6pm
Thursday, December 25th: CLOSED
Friday, December 26th: 12pm to 8pm

After the 25th, we will go back to our regularly scheduled program, but will close for January 1st, 2009, when you will all be in bed, moaning about your hangovers or your lack-of-hangovers and not wishing to go anywhere. Happy Holidays!

Jillian Tamaki original artwork from Skim now on display!

Our friends at the Beguiling in Toronto just sent us a package with a bunch of fantastic drawings and sketches by Jillian Tamaki, co-creator of the graphic novel Skim. They will grace the walls of the Librairie until January 14th, 2009, so make sure you come by and take a gander (or two)...

I've always loved Tamaki's expressive linework, since I first encountered Gilded Lillies, her first book, published by Andy Brown over at Conundrum Press. It's great to see what these panels look like in the raw, before they were polished and printed. As with many artists, that's the stage at which I like them best.

If you're a fan of Skim, or if you're a fan of her fantastic work in general, you won't want to miss seeing Tamaki's drawings in the flesh.

Also, Jillian has an amazing website including an online sketchbook blog that's so good it makes me want to give up on art:


Dec, 17 08

Matt Leines will be in town for the Launch of his book "YOU ARE FORGIVEN" Matt will be in the store signing, also come by and check out the seven screen print they sent us ahead of time to display.

The book is in the store and looking mighty wonderful, hope to see you there.


Adding to a slew of amazing events this week, we had a release for the new art magazine HUNTER AND COOK.

The launch took place Sunday releasing the brain child of artists Tony Romano and Jay Isaac, it was produced in Toronto.

Here is how they describe the magazine:
" Hunter and Cook is a curated art magazine, primarily featuring artists projects with interviews and features on Canadian and international artists. The publications mandate is to solidify like minded contemporary art communities in Canada and elsewhere and bring them to public awareness."

Silkscreening Workshop Pictures!

I've got some sweet pictures of Leyla Majeri's last silkscreening workshop! Here's the whole gang looking super stoked with Leyla striking a humourous pose in the middle:

Here are the student's lovely creations:

And this is Leyla's screenprinted handout that explains (in a totally secret language) all you need to know to become a silkscreening master.

Want to join in on the fun? Sign up for our newsletter and be the first to know when new workshops are scheduled!

Nadia Moss and L'Oie de Cravan

Nadia Moss' new book Bebe was launched last night in conjunction with the 3rd issue of the cultural journal Bathyscape.

Many of you may be familiar with Moss, a prolific local artist involved in a lot of interesting projects musically as well as visually. Whether you are familiar with her work or she's news to you, the drawings published in Bebe will serve to delight, confound, amuse and disturb you, all at once! A beautiful saccharine mix of the surreal and the macabre. The few colored spreads in the book are totally exquisite. Come see!

Moss signing books.

You may also know L'Oie de Cravan, the publisher of Bebe. Based in Montreal, they are responsible for a lot of interesting French books, as well as many small art publications showcasing the likes of Genevieve Castree, Moss and Jeff Ladouceur. The journal Bathyscape, currently on its 3rd issue, is a l'Oie de Cravan project involving many talented locals and is a Montreal publication that one should keep an eye on.

The crowd last night.

During the launch last night, we were graced with an amazing performance by Chicagoan Matana Roberts, who can rip it up on a saxophone more than anyone I have ever, ever seen. Totally amazing!

Matana Roberts.

D+Qers Jamie Salomon, Kit Malo and Elif Saydam watch Matana in awe with some civilians.

Thanks to everyone for coming out and making this launch a success, not to mention an enjoyable winter night!!

Gala, the cutest dog in Mile End.

D+Q's "Event Elves" pictured above.

We got Ergot

Last night was the launch for Kramer's Ergot 7 here at the store!

John Pham, Sammy Harkham and Kevin Huizenga.

Despite a few glitches (the piles of snow outside and namely the absence of the book), the night was a pleasant little affair complete with an artist panel, slide-show and brewskies for all!

Ron Rege and Souther Salazar.

And finally, the book has arrived. Come see it in the flesh if all you caught was the jpeg on our slideshow last night.


Finally, it looks like there will be copies in the store tomorrow (Friday) for purchase. Sorry about all the delays.

Tonight!! Um, tomorrow!!

Oops, snow squall, customs brokerage, hangovers, angry parrots, whatever! No signing tonight.

Rolling into town tomorrow--THE KRAMERS ERGOT SEVEN TOUR!!!

Sammy Harkham (pictured), Ron Rege, Jr., John Pham, Souther Salazar, and Kevin Huizenga.

The books will be here, I swear!!

December Events Reminder!

Kramers Ergot 7 Book Launch/Tour Stops this Tuesday, December 9th, at 7:30pm!

The Kramers Ergot 7 international book tour is coming to Montreal! The signed and numbered limited edition bookplate is only available through the Buenaventura Press website and during the tour, making this the ideal holiday gift.

A truckload of KE7 artists will be on hand to sign copies of the book including: Shary Boyle, Sammy Harkham, Kevin Huizenga, John Pham, Ron Rege, Jr. and Souther Salazar.

Original art from the book will be exhibited (pricelist available upon request)

L'Oie de Cravan Double Book launch: Nadia Moss' Bebe and bilingual cultural journal Le Bathyscaphe, with guest musician Matana Roberts - This Thursday, December 11th, at 8pm

Bebe is Nadia Moss' second book of illustrations to be published by L'Oie de Cravan, it explores the beasts within us all through strange rituals, animals that morph into humans and back, and above all, the omnipresent, almost frightening figure of the baby.

Le Bathyscaphe is a bilingual cultural journal for those who aren't really interested in the news. Collaborators for this issue include Romy Ashby, Daniel Canty, Maicke Castegnier, Genevieve Castree, Benoit Chaput, Byron Coley, Berengere Cournut, Marci Denesiuk, Julie Doucet, Clare Dolan, Helene Frederick, Joel Gayraud, Thierry Horguelin, AJ Kinik , Gabe Levine, Monsieur Moulino, Thurston Moore, Hermine Ortega, Hannah Rainier, Pierre Rothlisberger, Barthelemy Schwartz, Valerie Webber.

Matana Roberts is an extraordinary saxophonist who has been involved in many different solo projects as well as an ex-member of Stick and Stones. She will perform at 9pm.

Hunter and Cook, new quarterly contemporary art publication launch - This Sunday, December 14th at 7:30pm

Hunter and Cook is a new quarterly contemporary art publication produced in Toronto by artists Tony Romano and Jay Isaac. Hunter and Cook is a curated art magazine, primarily featuring artists projects with interviews and features on Canadian and international artists. The publications mandate is to solidify like minded contemporary art communities in Canada and elsewhere and bring them to public awareness.

Matt Leines' You Are Forgiven Book Release and Signing - Wednesday December 17th, 7pm

You Are Forgiven, the first monograph by renowned artist Matt Leines, is a lavish hardcover book featuring more than 100 color illustrations, providing a vivid retrospective of the past seven years of Leines' detail obsessed and process driven work. You Are Forgiven is published by Free New Projects.

A limited edition silkscreen print will also be released at the event, and only available through Drawn & Quarterly for the super discount price of $25. Leines will be signing both the book and print.

While you patiently wait for the 17th, come to the store to pick up a gorgeous screen printed flyer Lienes lovingly made for this event!

Leif Goldberg

New to the store: Leif Goldberg's National Waste Memory Mind mini-calendars!!

Every ounce of each page carefully screenprinted, this little gem deserves a spot in your office, studio, bedroom, whatever. The colors are sickening and glorious, and even a little glittery if you tilt them in the light!

Maybe not the most visually straightforward calendar, but do you really have a handle on your life anyway?? Don't be such a square!

Come and get 'em, they're gorgeous. Limited run of 425 (EVER!), 20 copies in stock, $22.95 each.

New Adrian Tomine / Strands Totes In Store!

Attention Adrian Tomine fans!
We just got some gorgeous Strands tote bags in store, and they're designed by none other than the popular D+Q cartoonist!

See how great they look, full of Tomine books or next to Tomine posters (which we also sell at the store, just fyi). Please note that these bags can also carry things that have nothing to do with the artist that designed them, it might not be as fun though.

Yesterday's Pohadky Launch

Here are some pictures of yesterday's event!

Pat Shewchuk and Marek Colek showed us some real sweet works of animation. I loved their animated christmas greeting!

The authors' awesome and insightful presentation was followed by an equally awesome and insightful discussion. Thanks to everyone who participated!

PS: Can you spot the D+Q artist hidden in this shot? Hint: it's Matt Forsythe on the right hand side.

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