Here's what I see.

We are not just a comic book store, and I am not just a comic store clerk. Look, we have all these art books and journals in our new Art section. Parkett takes on 3 artists each issue with a flood of essays in English and German. Unlike with some popular American Art journals, you won't finish with the feeling of having read a highbrow version of People.

Got these 2 sizeable compendiums in the other day. Got a birthday or wedding coming up? These books last forever.

Audubon's Birds of America features 482 full colour plates, and these are just his birds of America. How did this man fit so many paintings into 66 years of life? Did he have time to make mistakes, and if so, what do his rejects look like?

Next up, we've got a collection of vintage advertising posters that Tom picked up somewhere in the States. The methods of food presentation have dated to the point of being totally delicious again. They are each 27" X 24" and look amazing when framed.

And lastly, Moomin pezes. Smaller and cuter than regular pezes, each one takes only a half-pack. I think they speak for themselves. Look at the Snork-maiden! Just look at her..

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