Snailhouse this Sunday (March 2)!

The show is tomorrow, March 2nd... {date fixed from previous poster.}

Animations by Obom

(image from Obom's film Ma rencontre avec Marianne Faithfull et un enfant original)

Can't wait to get your Obom fix until her vernissage at the librairie Drawn and Quarterly on March 12th? Don't worry! The 26th annual FIFA (International Festival of Films on Art) in Montreal is going to be showing a complete retrospective of her animated films, from 1992 to 2008. You can catch them, as well as a discussion with the filmmaker, at the National Film Board of Canada on March 7th at 7 pm.

For more information, check out FIFA's website.

Just happened!

Thanks to everyone who came out.

The store fills up.

Jamie Q. and Matt shyly get snapped.

Adrian addresses the the Ben Tanaka as Adrian Tomine stand-in question.

Folks line up for books.

Adrian signs and signs.

Chris and his boys Elliot and Miguel take a break after a long day.

Adrian In The Store Tonight!

Blogs like this one, the weeklies The Hour and Montreal Mirror, the McGill Daily, are all excited for Adrian's event tonight at the Librairie Drawn & Quarterly, which I believe is Adrian's first event in Montreal...I'll have to double check with the Chief. Event starts at 7: 00 PM, 211 Bernard Ouest.

Also, here is Adrian's cover, Shelf Life from last week's New Yorker at a much better resolution.

Handsome Furs DELAYED

If you were planning to come see the Handsome Furs at D+Q this Sunday afternoon, I'm sorry to report that the show will be pushed back by a few weeks because the band members are sick (yes, both of them). We'll let you know the show's new date ASAP...

And just so you know, when they're finally back on their feet they'll be playing some new songs from their upcoming album for the first time ever...

Stay tuned!

Workshops!! (um, my teeth aren't that big.)

Our Winter workshops are ready to begin their second session. We are offering:
Silkscreening for Adults -- Starts Tuesday after next 6-8pm and continues the next two weeks (March 4th, March 11th, March 18th)

Comix and Cartooning for Adults -- Starts next Thursday 6-8pm and continues the following three weeks (February 28th, March 6th, March 13th, March 20th)

Lino-cuts and Wood-cuts for Adults -- Starts next Friday 6-8pm and continues the following three weeks (February 29th, March 7th, March 14th, March 21st)

Spots are still available for the Comix and Cartooning and Lino-cut/Woodcut workshops. $20 per class, a bargain!!


La deuxième session de nos ateliers d'hiver commence la semaine prochaine!

Ateliers de sérigraphie pour adultes (15 ans et plus)
Les mardis 4 mars, 11 mars et 18 mars, de 18 h à 20 h.

Ateliers de bande dessinée pour adultes (15 ans et plus)
Les jeudis 28 février, 6 mars, 13 mars et 20 mars, de 18 h à 20 h.

Ateliers de lino-gravure et gravure sur bois pour adultes (15 ans et plus)
Les vendredis 29 février, 7 mars, 14 mars et 21 mars, de 18 h à 20 h.

Quelques places sont encore disponibles pour les ateliers de bande dessinée et de lino-gravure/gravure sur bois. 20$ par atelier, une aubaine!


Coming this Sunday, another musical afternoon! Come see one of our favourite UK imports, Nic from Glaciers. Here's what UK mag Amelia's Magazine wrote about one of his performances last year in Leeds:

"Glaciers, one Nic Burrows, was up next with a bumbling Mr. Bean-like stage presence that really charmed, to many female exclamations of "Aw How sweet!" One of his mates actually commented "That slick bastard knows exactly what he's doing." Musically, he certainly does. Plaintive, earnest and warm, Glaciers is lovely."

Tom recommends checking out the song "Melamine", his favourite. I recommend buying Nic's gorgeous artist's book "Etter", having it signed by Nic at his performance and saving it preciously in a Ziploc bag for posterity. At least that's what I did...

Kids Silkscreening Workshop

A couple of pics from the kids silkscreening workshop. Look for the announcement for the next go-round of workshops soon.

Miguel, Karla (instructor), and Kate.

Miguel hams it up for the camera. Foreground, his great cyclops print in process.

I'm a rock gem

Islands sets up. Sebastian, Nick, Alex (hidden), and Aaron in attendance. Sorry if anyone's name is misspelled.

The lucky bunch who checked our blog or Islands myspace page.

"Volcanoes" {For proper nerdery, I should have written down the set list. Nick introduced Spiritualized and Sinead O'Connor songs as well as their Shrigley collaboration. "Whitney, Bobby" was in there at Georgy's request.}

Sebastian wearing a Paperrad shirt he bought for $2 in the MTV store. There's an MTV store? Wait, $2?!?!?

Alex and Aaron.

Nick and Alex.

Thanks, fellas.

I did not stage this.

Islands are forever!

"Secret" show at 7pm tomorrow eve (Wednesday). What?!?!

Cameraperson, you're hired!!

Hi, Lonely Oak played at 211 Bernard yesterday and someone has already posted two songs on the The Youtube. Thanks, "Jasabird"!

Hi, Lonely Oak show tomorrow!

Don't miss Hi, Lonely Oak's in-store performance tomorrow, February 10th, at 3 pm! Hi, Lonely Oak used to be a one-man band and here's what the Pop Montreal catalog had to say about him when he played at that festival last fall:

"Neil Holyoak aka Hi, Loney Oak is a hopeless romantic. He loves magical real things like early morning revery and the wind. His music longs for an unattainable beauty... I don’t think anyone can help falling in love with him."

I've been playing his album in the store a lot and I can't wait to hear what his songs sound like with a full band. Come take a look at our lovely new art books while listening to Hi, Lonely Oak!

Hometown Love

Today's Books section in The Montreal Gazette is all about comics, with a cover that features Julie Doucet’s 365 Days art and a corresponding review inside, along with a review of Exit Wounds and an interview with Joe Sacco for the deluxe Palestine. Of course, all those books are on sale at the store, as are Julie Doucet's original linocut prints...

Paul Goes Fishing launch

Last night, we debuted the English edition of Michel's latest book, Paul Goes Fishing (my personal favorite in the Paul series) and the good folks of Montreal made it out another cold night.

Here's Michel and his bundled up publicist Jamie Q.

The crowds browsing.

Michel signs a book for a fan while our genius translator Helge gingerly plucks a copy of Paul from over Michel's shoulder.

"The Chief" chats with Obom. Look for her forthcoming art show at the D+Q store (Feb 20th) as well as her biography of Kaspar Hauser (due later this year.)

In the Hour too

This week's Hour Hit List picks the Paul Goes Fishing launch as the thing to do tomorrow.

Paul Goes Fishing launch at D+Q store

His first published comic earned him a Best New Talent Harvey Award in 2001 and in 2006 he won a Doug Wright Award for his last book. Join Michel Rabagliati as he launches and signs his new book, Paul Goes Fishing, at the D+Q store in Montreal this Wednesday, February 6th at 7:00 pm. (For this event only Paul Goes Fishing will be sold at a 10% discount.) This week's Montreal Mirror has a mention of Michel and the event.

February will rock!

Were you enjoying the book launches, acoustic shows, workshops and other events that we've had since the store opened? Well you ain't seen nothing yet. February will be the most event-packed month by far. Not only are the workshops still going strong, but a new D+Q book will be launched, a different band will rock your world every Sunday of the month (starting next weekend) and a very special guest will visit the store for a slide show and book signing.

Here's a preview of what's coming up...

Wednesday, February 6, 7 pm
Paul Goes Fishing book launch and signing

Sunday February 10, 3 pm
Hi, Lonely Oak instore performance

Sunday, February 17, 3 pm
Glaciers instore performance

Sunday, February 24, 3 pm
Handsome Furs instore performance

Tuesday, February 26, 7 pm
Adrian Tomine slide show and book signing

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