Coming this Sunday, another musical afternoon! Come see one of our favourite UK imports, Nic from Glaciers. Here's what UK mag Amelia's Magazine wrote about one of his performances last year in Leeds:

"Glaciers, one Nic Burrows, was up next with a bumbling Mr. Bean-like stage presence that really charmed, to many female exclamations of "Aw How sweet!" One of his mates actually commented "That slick bastard knows exactly what he's doing." Musically, he certainly does. Plaintive, earnest and warm, Glaciers is lovely."

Tom recommends checking out the song "Melamine", his favourite. I recommend buying Nic's gorgeous artist's book "Etter", having it signed by Nic at his performance and saving it preciously in a Ziploc bag for posterity. At least that's what I did...

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