springtime inspiration

The wonder never ends on our stretch of Bernard Street. Not only do we now have an extensive collection of books of David Hockney's sun-splashed paintings and portraits (thanks Matt!) but we've also just received two of my favourite art books of the last few years: Friends With You Have Powers and Panic Room.

Everyone who knows me know that I love brightly-coloured art with a relentlessly positive twee sensibilty. Friends With You, an art collective from Miami, Florida, does just that. This amazing monograph includes pictures of toys, graphic design work, installations and artwork featuring their iconic characters The Malfis, The Burger Bunch, The Good Wood Gang, Wish Come True and many others. And just look at that cover! You can't tell from this picture, but the title glitters! How can it not make you smile?

Panic Room is the catalog for an exhibition of works on paper organized last year by the Deste Foundation based in Athens, Greece. It's crammed with full-page, full-colour, life-size reproductions of details from pieces by the likes of Marcel Dzama, David Shrigley, Marc Bell, Brian Chippendale, Devendra Banhart, Assume Vivid Astro Focus and many, many more. Super inspirational and highly recommended. I bought it as my Christmas present to myself last year. Enough said.

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