Locals section alive!

Yeah! A locals section. Why didn't we think of this earlier? Sure to be a hit with the summertime tourist set and the reapeated cause of refrain: 'He's from here?' Well, we've taken some liberties. But most authors really did live here before they moved to Toronto. And Suburbs of Montreal count as Montreal.

Jacob Wren was in the store the other day to sell us his two books and buy some Camden Joy. (Note to Highwater Publishing aspirants-- this combo works!) I took home a copy of Wren's, Families are Formed Through Copulation, and was pleasantly moved by his often-paranoid, disillusioned and fragmentary rants. It did actually fit nicely with Camden Joy's prose, mixed with, say Walker Percy's Lost in the Cosmos. A confused questioning and burning reaction to whatever it is that controls so much of our lives.

Rick Trembles was in yesterday to drop some copies of his collected Motion Picture Purgatory. The book compiles about 6 years worth of his syndicated weekly Movie reviews, which come in comic form. You've probably seen them in the Montreal Mirror. Included in his book is an intro which outlines his rocky history with said publication and tells a little bit about his painstaking drawing process.

Last but not least is Howard Chackowicz's new Howie Action Comix, published just recently by Conundrum. Howard teaches the Comix and Cartooning workshop for adults so we're proud to have his new book here. Full of lude and often hilarious expulsions that seem like they just couldn't have come from any other city.

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