More new Fanta stuff..

Just in from the weekend, I noticed a few more new Fanta titles worthy of mention.

For the Collection collectors:
The newest volume of 'Peanuts' cartoons, Volume 9, 1967-68, which features a thoughtful little Foreward by Mr. John Waters and lots of Snoopy strips.

And 'The Kat Who Walked in Beauty', which collects some rare and previously unprinted 'Krazy Kat' strips. The cover is quite spectacular but you'll have to see it in person.

'Willie & Joe: The WWII Years' collects the best of Bill Mauldin's single-panel strips drawn between 1940 and '91. Mauldin's characters reflect his own experience as an infantryman in WWII. Most of his strips were originally printed in Soldiers' newspapers before being collected in these 2 huge volumes.

And a bunch more stuff, like:

'The Education of Hopey Glass' A new Love & Rockets collection by Jaime Hernandez, ; 'Daddy's Girl', a haunting little book by Debbie Dreschler; New 'Ganges' by Kevin Huizenga; Fuzz & Pluck in Splitsville no. 5 .. etc. etc.

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