New Fanta titles in stock!

I love it when we receive new books, especially ones that are not just new to the store or to me, but genuinely new releases. We've just received a big order of those new new books from Fantagraphics (along with some R. Crumb and Dan Clowes restocks, of course) and two of them instantly caught my eye: Ray Fenwick's Hall of Best Knowledge and Leah Hayes' Funeral of the Heart.

Hall of Best Knowledge is a series of thematic panels wherein the authoritative but also innocently candid "author" shares his wisdom about life, the universe and everything by making pronouncements like "People who find beauty in everything, even the crush and stink of a subway, are carelessly burning up all sensitivity and will one day be unable to detect true beauty." What's more, your deeply sensitive "intellectual caretaker" will withhold his pronouncement for the day if someone hurts his feelings. If you like Miranda July's heart-warming whimsy, you'll love this. M.J.'s not your cup of tea? You'll still love this. Hall of Best Knowledge is the only self-help book you will ever need.

Funeral of the Heart is a collection of quirky and somewhat macabre short stories about secret underground bathrooms, gruesome deaths and a man with two hearts named Whoreson, among other things. Illustrated with amazing black and white scratchboard etchings, it's dark, twisted, full of surprises and often mindblowing. Fans of Edwad Gorey's gorier work will definitely get a kick out of reading this by candlelight in the middle of the night...

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