Sontag Shogun In-store on Sunday -- 3 pm!!

Hey everyone, come on out to 211 this Sunday for locals, Sontag Shogun. The weather is beautiful, and what could be better than music in a bookstore?
Sontag Shogun have been playing for a couple years now under a variety of titles.
They'd do a better job of describing their sound than I could:

"... an experimental noise band that falls somewhere between a lullaby and a nightmare. Guitars, keys, laptops, harmonicas, drones, loops, hiss...think Eno and Otomo Yoshihide being picked off by a legion of bloodthirsty pterodactyls. To top it all off, they will be joined by singer/guitarist Helen Bradley, who's sultry french lyrics will spill over the layered sound scape like blood on a sandcastle. So come to the D&Q store Sunday, 3pm on April 27th for an eclectic electronic/acoustic set that will remind you why you don't want to be deaf."

See you there!

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