Books Without Words

I was noticing today that we've amassed a nice little collection of picture books. In fact, if each picture in each book really did say a thousand words, we'd get noise complaints-Hey hey!

But seriously folks, you gotta get your hands on these books. No literacy required.

First up, The Silver Pony, by an old master of Wordless stories, Lynd Ward. He died in 85 after putting out a bunch of novels in woodcuts. You think comic book artists have it rough, imagine carving each panel. The Silver Pony is drawn in pencil, and allows for much storytelling in one's head.

Next up, The Arrival, by Shaun Tan. It's Beautifully drawn in photo-realistic black and white and made to look like a lost treasure. I'm sure Shaun Tan knew, when he completed this, that everyone would love it. And evidently, they do- it was a New York Times Best illustrated book.

Finally, our very own Billy Mavreas has just launched Inside Outside Overlap. Billy's using a scanner now (instead of a photocopier) so all the subtle and beautiful erasures show up, and give his drawings a wonderful depth. This story is a drug-trip, sickness, dream, escape, spiritual hallucination, and will be loved by kids as much as adults. Great work, Billy!

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