Not Comics: Congrats to Julie Doucet, Jamie Quail and Jessica Campbell

Yesterday I took advantage of Montreal's Museum Day to go over to the Contemporary Art Museum, view the inaugural edition of the the Quebec Triennial: Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed, where Julie Doucet was selected as one of 38 artists to be spotlighted. Congrats to Julie on this wonderful honor. The show is up through September and is the most vibrant show I have seen at the MAC since living in Montreal.

Also congrats to my fellow coworkers! Jamie Quail is a member of the Long Haul, whose loft space was threatened to be turned into storage space a few years ago but for now is safe from corporate development, so much so that the space is having a show right now called Ferment and has plans for a sculpture garden and website. The Montreal Mirror has the complete story. The show is only up until June 1st, so get over there! Jessica Campbell also has a show up right now in Montreal with Pictionary. The website Indyish has the story. This show is also up for just a week, so, again, get to it.

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