What It Is in store now!

It's official! Lynda Barry's long-awaited What It Is is now available at the store!

What is it? It's a mixed-media art book, an activity book for aspiring writers and an autobiographical graphic novel rolled into one. It includes activities like fill-in the blanks, word associations, essay questions and Fluxus-like event scores such as "Write the names of two stories that you think cannot be true" and "Get a piece of thread about two feet long and tie a key or an eraser at one end. Hold the other end still."

You can see an excerpt of the book here, read a fascinating New York Times profile of Lynda Barry here (I had no idea that she lived on a farm!) and listen to Barry talk about her book here.

This is a truly seminal book. I'm sure that artists and writers will cite it as an influence for decades to come.

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