D+Q ♥ Little Otsu

Last week, on an impromptu trip to San Francisco, I stopped by Little Otsu , where I met the lovely George and Yvonne Chen.

Yvonne runs the Little Otsu boutique and publishing company, whose notebooks and stationary we carry...

...and George told me about his record label, zum, which just released the debut album of Leah Hayes' band, Scary Mansion.

Fans of Leah's dark and twisted book, Funeral of the Heart (which I raved about back in April) will love her soft, haunting music.

At Little Otsu, I also picked up the second volume of Nicole Georges's Invincible Summer anthology, a comics diary in the same vein as Julie Doucet's 365 Days and Vanessa Davis' Spaniel Rage.

It's funny and heartfelt, a snappy read that got me through the many car, bus and plane rides that followed. We'll soon have both volumes of the Invincible Summer anthology at the store.

If you're ever in San Fran, don't forget to stop by Little Otsu!

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