Witchcraft and Dirigibles

Ron signed his new book, Against Pain last night and then gave a little impromptu talk about magic, religion, blimps, hippies, and punks on the sidewalk.

TONIGHT - Enter Ron Regé, Jr.'s Cartoon Utopia!

Stop by the store this Wednesday, July 30th, for a celebration of Ron Regé, Jr.'s exhibition, Enter The Cartoon Utopia, and the release of his new book, Against Pain!

Ron's artwork is a pure joy to behold. His Cartoon Utopia series of drawings tells the story of how humans can build useful and beautifully designed machines in order use the earth's resources in sustainable ways, achieve world peace and live in harmony.

I love how Ron's work comes in many shapes and sizes and is accessible to all art lovers, regardless of the size of their pocketbook. Collectors can purchase one of Ron's original notebooks, those looking for something unique to decorate their walls can choose from a selection of drawings and limited-edition prints, and fans of adorable lil' things can pick up a hand-painted button, a pocketful of drawings or a postcard.

The event starts at 5 pm and Ron will give a talk about his new book at 6pm. He'll also be there all night to sign books and radiate positive energy. Come say hi!

Nouveautés françaises!

Je préfère habituellement la BD anglophone mais dans les dernières semaines, j'ai eu envie de faire changement et de me taper quelques nouveautés françaises. Voici donc trois recommandations franco, des histoires légères et amusantes parfaites pour un après-midi d'été...

Le nouvel album des stars de la BD française Dupuy et Berberian est une collection de vignettes satiriques décrivant la vie quotidienne des Bobo (bougeois bohémiens), ces yuppies nouveau genre pour qui l'alimentation bio, le design scandinave et le commerce équitable font office de religion. Une critique sociale mordante truffée de clin d'oeils rigolos.

Ce petit livre au design noir et blanc ultra-simple jette un coup d'oeil quasi-névrosé sur l'amitié entre hommes. Une étude sociologique brutale et cinglante mais hilarante. J'en riait en pleine librairie!

Antti, un étudiant finlandais, débarque à Bruxelles pour un stage de 4 mois dans une boite de publicité. Les ados en quête d'évasion et les fans du film L'Auberge espagnole vont adorer.

First edition NY Diary in stock!

Attention Julie Doucet fans and rare book collectors! We now have about 10 copies of the first paperback edition of My New York Diary for sale. This edition has a different cover design from the one available in most stores and online. It has been out of print for years (even Julie's official website doesn't mention it) but we just found a secret stash in a dark corner of the D+Q headquarters. Get it while you still can!

Claudia Rules

211's Claudia has been jet-setting around the US, and style.com has taken notice. Way to wow those New Yorkers with your je ne sais quoi, Claudia! She even made the home page.

Ron Regé, Jr. takes over the store!

Ron Regé, Jr. is in town for a few weeks and he has taken over the store with his beautiful, uplifting artwork! (psst, it's pronounced REE-gee)

Here's Ron, all smiles as he hangs the new drawings from his "Cartoon Utopia" series around the store. You can see pictures of all the drawings here. They're for sale at very reasonable prices...

Ron also created this impromptu cabinet of curiosities to showcase his ultra-cute hand-painted buttons...

...and here's our unofficial store mascot, Sof' Boy, unable to contain his glee as he surveys a selection of Ron's books, postcards and little pocketfuls of drawings.

We'll be having a vernissage for the exhibition and launch Ron's new book, Against Pain at the store on July 30th. Hope to see you there!

The Greasy Goose Meets Drawn and Quarterly

Our new operations director, Kit, participated in last night's Greasy Goose event, and said this about the show:

Drawn and Quarterly were honoured to have the marvelous monthly event, The Greasy Goose, usually held at the Cagibi, at our very own space last night. The turnout was amazing, and 4 great talks/performances held the audience captive (figuratively) despite the summer's heat.

Jesse Staniforth presented some riveting thoughts about poetry during WWI...

Clement Yeh showed us some of his mind-boggling sculptures...

Sylvia Marques talked about the Gumps and colonialism...

...and Sean Michaels did some lying and truthing while myself and Julien Ceccaldi took his words and spun them back out, live-drawing style.

Speaking of the live-drawing bit, I promised people I would post a link to the program we were using last night, as so many folks afterwards seemed interested in it. It's called Lopart Duo, it was designed by a team of creators in the Mile End, and you can get it for free (!) right here:


Thanks to all the Greasy Goose people for putting on such a wonderful event!

Greasy Goose-- Wednesday July 16 at 7pm-- Come Get Lectured!

at the D&Q store (211 Bernard O.)


The Greasy Goose Salon is a monthly community lecture series in Montreal's Mile End that aims to provide a forum for people to present their work in a friendly, community-minded atmosphere. Each event is based around a broad theme and features four speakers who approach the topic from a variety of perspectives: academic presentations, artist talks, literature readings, political lectures, public speaking, short workshops, etc.This event takes place outside of the regular Greasy Goose venue, Cagibi, at the Librairie Drawn & Quarterly with the site-inspired theme DEPICTION.

Featuring lectures by:

CLEMENT YEH -- Clement Yeh: sketchbooks and animation sculptures
JESSE B. STANIFORTH -- "Each Person a Picture": the Rise of the Human Individual in the Poetry of the First World War
SYLVIA MARQUES -- Lost in the Forest Primeval: Invoking Imperialism in 1920s Comic Strips
and our very own..
KIT MALO & SEAN MICHAELS -- Lyings and Drawings and Truthings

Contact greasygoose@thearchive.ca
Visit http://thearchive.ca/greasygoose

Boreal Borscht or The Malina Miniature by Vida Simon-- Friday July 18 at 7pm

Come on out for the launch of Vida Simon's new artist book: Boreal Borscht or The Malina Miniature!

She'll do a better job describing her work than I would:

I spend all day making books, each one the size of a crumb.
There is immense satisfaction in seeing them piled on a shelf.
All these little objects are like inhaling -- even holding one's breath.

This artist's book was made following my residency at Boreal Art/Nature in 2006-2007. Part archive, part storybook, part wandering/wondering, this work interweaves drawings, written reflections, and photographs of Malinas, the performance-installation I presented in the Boreal cabin in the spring of 2007. Intimate in scale, the book foregrounds the miniature, the detail, while encompassing larger themes such as war and escape. During my time on the Boreal land, I often had the sense that the forest, the cabin, could be in another country, another time, and it was this displacement/bridging that was my point of departure.

Vida Simon has presented her work in a wide range of contexts -- galleries, performance festivals, residencies, and site-responsive projects in public and private spaces -- throughout North America, Europe, and soon in Chile. Her work often takes the form of installations and performances, combining drawing, writing, hand-crafted objects, sound, and movement. While her work is visually-based, she tries to create situations that undo representation, through integrating the viewer's participation, obscuring visibility, or revealing processes that are normally kept "behind the scenes." An integral part of Vida's practice includes collaborating with others and teaching art classes for all ages. She lives in Montreal.

Check out her website to see more:

And we'll see you next Friday!

Islands Fold residency and their books and zines

Jessica ordered some books from the Islands Fold artist residency located on Pender Island, BC, and I was very impressed with their high-quality wares. The residency was started by Luke Ramsey and Angela Conley, 2 ex-Victoria kids that opted for the 'even simpler life' on the smaller island. They rent a log cabin on Pender where they invite artists to come for up to a week to draw and collaborate on zines, which they then sell to keep the place running. Sounds like heaven, actually...

The zines are beautifully drawn and bound and cost a fraction of what they could charge. All the proceeds, of course, go to keeping it alive.

From their website:
'At Islands Fold, art is a labor of love. We want to create an environment where artists don't have to concern themselves with daily chores. We want our guests to relax, make art, and eat good food. The most important thing in our home, is to be comfortable, have fun and be creative.'
Why, BC kids, did we choose the big city?

D+Q presents Pomme Pomme!

This Saturday and Sunday, get out of the heat and into the AC by taking a stroll up the "Main" and stopping at Sala Rossa for an awesome craft and arts festival put on by us and Amy Johnson at Wooden Apples. For a list of exhibitors, check here. Along with Montreal designers/ateliers Wooden Apples, Headquarters, Pinpals, Velvet Mustache, we have some fun out of towners including Kevin Scalzo and ReproDepot and the fest is sponsored by Skyscraper Magazine, as there is a rock show on Sunday with Elfin Saddle, Shapes and Sizes (Special shout-out to D+Q employee Rory who is in Shapes and Sizes!), and Brave Radar!

This poster is by Julia Rothman of our favorite blog Book by Its Cover, who coincidentally just reviewed White Rapids. How does any of this get more awesome? By you attending, of course.

Play Pen

We've just received this amazing book that features the work of 36 innovative children's books illustrators from all over the world. Their styles range from the cute to the hyper-realist to quasi-abstract doodle/collages.

Some of my favourites?

Meng-Chia Lai, from Taiwan..

Morteza Zahedi, from Iran...

...and Marc Boutavant, from France (notice what that little guy is reading...)

Benefit screening at Fantasia

The Fantasia Film Festival has offered to donate a portion of each ticket sold for the Monday, July 7th 9:45pm Canadian premiere of the animated horror omnibus Peur(s) du Noir/ Fear(s) of the Dark to Montrealer Emru Townsend, an ardent supporter of the festival who requires a bone marrow transplant. The film features six nightmarish visions by international artists including D+Q's own, Charles Burns.

France 2007, 78 min, 35mm, French with English subtitles

When and where:
July 7th, 2008
9:45 pm
Hall Theatre
1455 de Maisonneuve O.
(Metro Guy-Concordia)

Tickets: $7.50
Ticket information

Thanks to the Fantasia Team!
Stay strong, Emru!

Jack Dylan posters!

I'm happy to announce that we now carry posters by local artist (and debonair gentleman) Jack Dylan.

Our selection includes concert posters (for the likes of Miracle Fortress, Sunset Rubdown, Islands, The Arcade Fire, etc.), reproductions of original paintings, and promotional posters for music festivals, art exhibitions and dance shows.

Unfortunately, we don't have any of the (many) posters featuring Matt naked. You'll have to check out Jack's website for those...

Jack is now working on his first comic book, which will be launched at the store in a few months. Stay tuned...

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