Boreal Borscht or The Malina Miniature by Vida Simon-- Friday July 18 at 7pm

Come on out for the launch of Vida Simon's new artist book: Boreal Borscht or The Malina Miniature!

She'll do a better job describing her work than I would:

I spend all day making books, each one the size of a crumb.
There is immense satisfaction in seeing them piled on a shelf.
All these little objects are like inhaling -- even holding one's breath.

This artist's book was made following my residency at Boreal Art/Nature in 2006-2007. Part archive, part storybook, part wandering/wondering, this work interweaves drawings, written reflections, and photographs of Malinas, the performance-installation I presented in the Boreal cabin in the spring of 2007. Intimate in scale, the book foregrounds the miniature, the detail, while encompassing larger themes such as war and escape. During my time on the Boreal land, I often had the sense that the forest, the cabin, could be in another country, another time, and it was this displacement/bridging that was my point of departure.

Vida Simon has presented her work in a wide range of contexts -- galleries, performance festivals, residencies, and site-responsive projects in public and private spaces -- throughout North America, Europe, and soon in Chile. Her work often takes the form of installations and performances, combining drawing, writing, hand-crafted objects, sound, and movement. While her work is visually-based, she tries to create situations that undo representation, through integrating the viewer's participation, obscuring visibility, or revealing processes that are normally kept "behind the scenes." An integral part of Vida's practice includes collaborating with others and teaching art classes for all ages. She lives in Montreal.

Check out her website to see more:

And we'll see you next Friday!

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