D+Q presents Pomme Pomme!

This Saturday and Sunday, get out of the heat and into the AC by taking a stroll up the "Main" and stopping at Sala Rossa for an awesome craft and arts festival put on by us and Amy Johnson at Wooden Apples. For a list of exhibitors, check here. Along with Montreal designers/ateliers Wooden Apples, Headquarters, Pinpals, Velvet Mustache, we have some fun out of towners including Kevin Scalzo and ReproDepot and the fest is sponsored by Skyscraper Magazine, as there is a rock show on Sunday with Elfin Saddle, Shapes and Sizes (Special shout-out to D+Q employee Rory who is in Shapes and Sizes!), and Brave Radar!

This poster is by Julia Rothman of our favorite blog Book by Its Cover, who coincidentally just reviewed White Rapids. How does any of this get more awesome? By you attending, of course.

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