TONIGHT - Enter Ron Regé, Jr.'s Cartoon Utopia!

Stop by the store this Wednesday, July 30th, for a celebration of Ron Regé, Jr.'s exhibition, Enter The Cartoon Utopia, and the release of his new book, Against Pain!

Ron's artwork is a pure joy to behold. His Cartoon Utopia series of drawings tells the story of how humans can build useful and beautifully designed machines in order use the earth's resources in sustainable ways, achieve world peace and live in harmony.

I love how Ron's work comes in many shapes and sizes and is accessible to all art lovers, regardless of the size of their pocketbook. Collectors can purchase one of Ron's original notebooks, those looking for something unique to decorate their walls can choose from a selection of drawings and limited-edition prints, and fans of adorable lil' things can pick up a hand-painted button, a pocketful of drawings or a postcard.

The event starts at 5 pm and Ron will give a talk about his new book at 6pm. He'll also be there all night to sign books and radiate positive energy. Come say hi!

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