The Greasy Goose Meets Drawn and Quarterly

Our new operations director, Kit, participated in last night's Greasy Goose event, and said this about the show:

Drawn and Quarterly were honoured to have the marvelous monthly event, The Greasy Goose, usually held at the Cagibi, at our very own space last night. The turnout was amazing, and 4 great talks/performances held the audience captive (figuratively) despite the summer's heat.

Jesse Staniforth presented some riveting thoughts about poetry during WWI...

Clement Yeh showed us some of his mind-boggling sculptures...

Sylvia Marques talked about the Gumps and colonialism...

...and Sean Michaels did some lying and truthing while myself and Julien Ceccaldi took his words and spun them back out, live-drawing style.

Speaking of the live-drawing bit, I promised people I would post a link to the program we were using last night, as so many folks afterwards seemed interested in it. It's called Lopart Duo, it was designed by a team of creators in the Mile End, and you can get it for free (!) right here:

Thanks to all the Greasy Goose people for putting on such a wonderful event!

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