Islands Fold residency and their books and zines

Jessica ordered some books from the Islands Fold artist residency located on Pender Island, BC, and I was very impressed with their high-quality wares. The residency was started by Luke Ramsey and Angela Conley, 2 ex-Victoria kids that opted for the 'even simpler life' on the smaller island. They rent a log cabin on Pender where they invite artists to come for up to a week to draw and collaborate on zines, which they then sell to keep the place running. Sounds like heaven, actually...

The zines are beautifully drawn and bound and cost a fraction of what they could charge. All the proceeds, of course, go to keeping it alive.

From their website:
'At Islands Fold, art is a labor of love. We want to create an environment where artists don't have to concern themselves with daily chores. We want our guests to relax, make art, and eat good food. The most important thing in our home, is to be comfortable, have fun and be creative.'
Why, BC kids, did we choose the big city?

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