Ron Regé, Jr. takes over the store!

Ron Regé, Jr. is in town for a few weeks and he has taken over the store with his beautiful, uplifting artwork! (psst, it's pronounced REE-gee)

Here's Ron, all smiles as he hangs the new drawings from his "Cartoon Utopia" series around the store. You can see pictures of all the drawings here. They're for sale at very reasonable prices...

Ron also created this impromptu cabinet of curiosities to showcase his ultra-cute hand-painted buttons...

...and here's our unofficial store mascot, Sof' Boy, unable to contain his glee as he surveys a selection of Ron's books, postcards and little pocketfuls of drawings.

We'll be having a vernissage for the exhibition and launch Ron's new book, Against Pain at the store on July 30th. Hope to see you there!

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