The Wonderful World Of Inventory

These past 4 days for us here at the D+Q storefront have been filled with a longer-than-expected inventory count, so we do apologize profusely if any of you had that 211 itch and you were not able to get it scratched. However, we are really excited to re-open tomorrow with a more profound knowledge and understanding of each and every book in this fine store.

I for one am personally really excited about our new system, as it means we will be able to do even more special ordering, offer customers points and lots of other fun things for our beloved patrons. Pulling everything off the shelves and re-entering them into our computer was quite an experience. Over 6,000 items were moved about! However, I think I should give the photos we took of the 4 days and nights we spent here a chance to speak for themselves.

Although it looks rather chaotic, I think the book the most prominent in this photo is rather apropos - on our way to happy living!

Julien, one of our amazing employees, takes a much needed dinner break, and looks rather dashing doing so, wouldn't you say?

Here's Rory, Alexa, and myself, also on said dinner break. One of us looks a wee too strung-out and less dashing, to put it mildly - can you pick them out?

Another shot of the store on its way to being inventoried! (It's a real word, I swear....)

Rory is the KING at stacking good shelves. Look at those lines. Perfect.

Or, better yet, in tandem with these photos, I leave you with the fine description of our time here to Alexa, the sister of Rory, who is visiting this week and did an incredible job helping out:

So it is late Thursday afternoon, and finally we have got the store in some kind of order.

Late work nights, we have all been crazy at getting things back to normal, normal being somewhat strange anyways. All of us extremely pleased that the new system is going to be up and running. Today, the last day of Drawn & Quarterly being closed to the public.

Helping out has been a blast, and everyone here is so awesome, I consider all the people my friends. I am glad I was able to enjoy everyone and their company as well as give an extra helping hand.

Good luck Drawn & Quarterly.


Small blonde girl named Alexa.

Funny - above she says, "Good Luck", and it SOUNDS like she had a good time, but as they say, a picture speaks a thousand (occasionally contradictory) words...

Extra special gobs of thanks to all of the wondrous people working here who made all the difference with their commitment, enthusiasm, and humour. And Jess Dorrance, who did not get a photo taken (she is too gorgeous for the camera....) a shout-out especially to you for doing so much hard work as well!

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