Jack Dylan: Upcoming Vernissage!

Pop Montreal and all its glorious flailing limbs looms in the distance! In conjunction with Art Pop, we'll be presenting an in-store art show for your viewing pleasure.

That's right, Montreal's man-about-town Jack Dylan is having a vernissage here at the store...come check out his latest works, entitled "Supermen don't protect you anymore" on Saturday night, October 4th, from 7 pm onward.

See you there!

Thank you anonymous vandal.. Pt. 2..

What started as a mere admiration (see Matt's post a few days back) has grown into much more.. These flowers were left in the door sometime last night.

What's next? An invitation to a fancy dinner? A key to a cheap highway motel...? Where is this going?

New to the store:

"Where demented Wented, The Art And Comics Of Rory Hayes"

Rory Hayes; edited by Dan Nadel and Glenn Bray with essays by Geoffrey Hayes and Edwin Pouncey


Calendars to start the year early!

You may have noticed the first batch of pumpkins popping out at your local grocery store or depanneur. As you know, pumpkins lead to Advent calendars, which lead to candy canes, then to stockings, champagne, hangovers, and the eventual pushing of the 'reset' button. It's going to be a new year, with new plans, and you're going to be ORGANIZED.

Why not get a head start on all that by getting one of our BEAUTIFUL NEW CALENDARS?
Nikki Mcclure's newest offering would look great on your wall:

So would this all-in-one poster from little otsu:

or if you have trouble writing things down, here's a non-planner that should get you started:

Double Book Launch Tonight!

The only event better than a book launch is one where 2 books get launched! What better thing to do as it's just getting cold then to go sit in our cozy bookstore and listen to two amazing authors read from their works?

Tonight at the Librairie D+Q, we are pleased to welcome Anik See, who recently published Saudade: The Possibilities of Place with Coach House Books in Toronto, and our very own Montrealer, Mary Soderstrom, who will be launching her new book with Vehicle Press, The Walkable City: From Haussmann's Boulevards to Jane Jacobs' streets and Beyond.

Both authors will be giving the audience a real treat with tales and images from both books that deal with geography, urban visioning and much more. A Q&A with the authors will follow the presentations.

The event begins at 7:30pm. Don't miss it!

Something to Look Forward to in the Dead of Winter

Ok, so November 3rd isn't exactly the dead of winter, and deadlines aren't always things to look forward to, but I still wanted to entice all with words of enthusiasm for this exciting contest coming up for emerging writers of all shapes and sizes.


Hosted by the Writers Union of Canada, this contest seems of particular note because of its flexible and open guidelines. In the spirit of creative enterprise, and of D+Q artists like Lynda Barry who would, I am sure, say, "go for it', the Librairie Drawn & Quarterly hopes that all of you budding artists put the pen to the paper or hands to keyboard, (or pen to keyboard, but that might prove more difficult) and get writing.

The Brown family?

In passing, yesterday, I mistook Chris Oliveros' mother and brothers for Chester Brown's. Apologies to all!
Julien would also like to apologize for not giving a discount on that copy of Louis Riel. That's right, we made Chris' mom pay for a Drawn & Quarterly book. We're not running a charity here!
Brown or Oliveros, I still would have taken this photo.

New in the store today!

I have to say I share Tom Spurgeon's enthusiasm for this superlative comic strip. We now have copies in the store. And check out Richard Thompson's blog for samples and other non-Cul de Sac related ephemera.

Thank you anonymous vandal..

... for your good words.

...and Fall means Workshops!!

That's right, folks, our new series of fall workshops is here! I am personally very excited about our lineup starting at the beginning of October, which includes 2 Silkscreening workshop with the fabulous Leyla Majeri. She'll be doing a fall and winter program, so for those who can't make the first session, come out for the second.

Then, for kids, (!!) Art Educator Iona Fournier-Tomb will be running 2 8-week sessions, for Grades 2-3 and 4-5 inclusively, all about the exploration of storytelling and bookmaking. A perfect workshop for our Librairie, and one that parents are encouraged to come to as well.

Finally, for adults (!!) Billy Mavreas will be guiding a 3-week long session in a collaborative round table process of art creation, challenging within a small group setting the notion that art is only for artists. Non-artists and those who have given up on making stuff (but always secretly loved doing so) especially encouraged to sign up.

For dates and times, click on our Workshop calendar icon right here on this webpage and poke around. For registration info & costs, call 514-279-0691 or email workshops@drawnandquarterly.com

The beautiful birds shown above is a print done in one of Leyla's past silkscreening workshops. The artist's name is April. Her last name, thusfar, remains a mystery. But what a great drawing!

Fall is Here!

Q: What is cozier than a bookstore in fall?

Summer is great but as the rain and cooler temperatures sink in I find myself yearning for big cups of coffee and great books. Here are some recommendations:

  1. Charlie Harper: An Illustrated Life (this book will cover a coffee table!)
  2. Bruno Munari: Drawing a tree

  3. Everything Is Cinema: The Working life Of Jean-Luc Godard

2 Very Good Reasons to Procrastinate

I've recently picked up 2 books from our Librairie that have proven so divine I find myself missing appointments, cancelling my weekend plans, and generally forgetting the world around me. I thought I would procrastinate even further by sharing with you the wonders contained in each.

The Brutality of Fact: Interviews With Francis Bacon, by David Sylvester, is a magnificent book that we just got back in at the Librairie, and I couldn't be more excited. It's a read so challenging and engrossing that although I already have my copy, just seeing it as I opened some newly received boxes got my heart pounding again.

It's a haunting set of interviews conducted by his close friend and art critic that explore his perspectives on art and the creative process over 20 years. What makes the book so special is the editing choices as much as Bacon's own unique grasp of aesthetics & sensuality. Sylvester refuses to edit the natural redundancy found in Bacon's thinking, which leads to a much more profound understanding of the artist's position, allowing an extremely 3-dimensional character to emerge from its pages. An absolute inspiration of a book.

The second title I discovered here at 211 Bernard that keeps me up at nights lately is Une Semaine de Bonte an astounding set of collages that tell a surrealistic narrative by yours truly, Mr. Surrealism himself, Max Ernst.

What amazes me about this book however is not necessarily its place as a staple in the canon of Surrealism, or the fact that it's sublimely beautiful just to flip through, but that these pictures are all collage. The guy basically did the whole Sears Catalogue cut-and-paste thing, but using the publisac versions of his day and time. And I have tried gluing and rearranging Home Depot flyers, and trust me, Ernst totally kicks butt in this medium. A visual buffet that shows how the creative mind can interact with pretty simple materials and spit out works of utter and bewitching beauty.

And yes, if I sound dramatic and intensely romantic about both these books, it's because they do indeed deserve such complete and total adoration. Le Sigh...

Hey, Icela!

Volume Three is in the store!!

Matthew Forsythe Prints

We have a limited number of Matt's prints on display that are FOR SALE (yippeee!) here at 211 Bernard, Ouest. Come by and take a look while picking up his new book OJingogo, we have been replenished!

Moomin 211

These amazing youngsters came in looking for the new Moomin book. They are potentially the biggest Moomin fans we've had in the store. Sorry kids not quite yet! And check out these names, they are straight out of Moomin!!: (left to right)

Icela, Dodi, Essie, Hauna, Cleis

Actually, on the same day, another super fan came in to look at some baby Moomin figurines we have behind the counter that we show select people. He was pretty stoked, which you'll have to believe at face value because we didn't get his photo. It was major Moominarama the whole day....

Au revoir 211!

It's been almost exactly one year since the store opened its doors and I must now embark on my next adventure. Thank you so much for reading my blog posts over the past few months. There's nothing I love more than to spread the word on great art and culture.

Thanks also to all our customers, an amazingly eclectic group of people from all over the world who shared their passion for comics, art and literature with me and made this the best workplace I've ever had.

Extra special thanks to Tom for providing the soundtrack of the store, and to Matt, Traie and Rory, the best coworkers, sounding boards and partners in crime a girl could ask for.

I'm so grateful to have been a part of Librairie D+Q during its first year. As I've been telling the Chief since the beginning, I'm so sure that the store will become a Montreal institution that I've been collecting posters and paraphernalia from its first year of operation to have a retrospective exhibition 20 or 30 years down the road.

See you all then!


New section and general organization!

I went away for a month to East and West coasts, hiking in BC, family visit, etc. It was wonderful to get away and now feels like it was all a merry dream. But so much changed while I was away and there is much excitement at 211- a new system, organization, a tech support team, and a staff picks section. Now Rory trains me on the ins and outs of the store, where I once trained him; thus the young Grasshopper succeeds the master.

The new software tells us things like how many titles we have on hand and on order, in what section is a particular book, etc. Stuff that used to make me scratch my head. Before, it was always me taking customers on a tour of the store looking for their title and hoisting other recommendations upon them. I'll still do that though, if you want me to.
Or I'll just point you to our Staff Picks section:

Just like in video stores! Why didn't we think of that before?
Now you can see our favorite books, and judge us for liking those books and not others.
or perhaps you'd rather Read A Pre-Established Classic.

We now have a classic fiction section, so you can find new copies of your old favorites. We probably mentioned this before, but Penguin has a line of classics with covers by comic artists. They look amazing. Here's Sammy Harkham's cover for Kafka's Metamorphosis:

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