2 Very Good Reasons to Procrastinate

I've recently picked up 2 books from our Librairie that have proven so divine I find myself missing appointments, cancelling my weekend plans, and generally forgetting the world around me. I thought I would procrastinate even further by sharing with you the wonders contained in each.

The Brutality of Fact: Interviews With Francis Bacon, by David Sylvester, is a magnificent book that we just got back in at the Librairie, and I couldn't be more excited. It's a read so challenging and engrossing that although I already have my copy, just seeing it as I opened some newly received boxes got my heart pounding again.

It's a haunting set of interviews conducted by his close friend and art critic that explore his perspectives on art and the creative process over 20 years. What makes the book so special is the editing choices as much as Bacon's own unique grasp of aesthetics & sensuality. Sylvester refuses to edit the natural redundancy found in Bacon's thinking, which leads to a much more profound understanding of the artist's position, allowing an extremely 3-dimensional character to emerge from its pages. An absolute inspiration of a book.

The second title I discovered here at 211 Bernard that keeps me up at nights lately is Une Semaine de Bonte an astounding set of collages that tell a surrealistic narrative by yours truly, Mr. Surrealism himself, Max Ernst.

What amazes me about this book however is not necessarily its place as a staple in the canon of Surrealism, or the fact that it's sublimely beautiful just to flip through, but that these pictures are all collage. The guy basically did the whole Sears Catalogue cut-and-paste thing, but using the publisac versions of his day and time. And I have tried gluing and rearranging Home Depot flyers, and trust me, Ernst totally kicks butt in this medium. A visual buffet that shows how the creative mind can interact with pretty simple materials and spit out works of utter and bewitching beauty.

And yes, if I sound dramatic and intensely romantic about both these books, it's because they do indeed deserve such complete and total adoration. Le Sigh...

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