...and Fall means Workshops!!

That's right, folks, our new series of fall workshops is here! I am personally very excited about our lineup starting at the beginning of October, which includes 2 Silkscreening workshop with the fabulous Leyla Majeri. She'll be doing a fall and winter program, so for those who can't make the first session, come out for the second.

Then, for kids, (!!) Art Educator Iona Fournier-Tomb will be running 2 8-week sessions, for Grades 2-3 and 4-5 inclusively, all about the exploration of storytelling and bookmaking. A perfect workshop for our Librairie, and one that parents are encouraged to come to as well.

Finally, for adults (!!) Billy Mavreas will be guiding a 3-week long session in a collaborative round table process of art creation, challenging within a small group setting the notion that art is only for artists. Non-artists and those who have given up on making stuff (but always secretly loved doing so) especially encouraged to sign up.

For dates and times, click on our Workshop calendar icon right here on this webpage and poke around. For registration info & costs, call 514-279-0691 or email workshops@drawnandquarterly.com

The beautiful birds shown above is a print done in one of Leyla's past silkscreening workshops. The artist's name is April. Her last name, thusfar, remains a mystery. But what a great drawing!

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