New section and general organization!

I went away for a month to East and West coasts, hiking in BC, family visit, etc. It was wonderful to get away and now feels like it was all a merry dream. But so much changed while I was away and there is much excitement at 211- a new system, organization, a tech support team, and a staff picks section. Now Rory trains me on the ins and outs of the store, where I once trained him; thus the young Grasshopper succeeds the master.

The new software tells us things like how many titles we have on hand and on order, in what section is a particular book, etc. Stuff that used to make me scratch my head. Before, it was always me taking customers on a tour of the store looking for their title and hoisting other recommendations upon them. I'll still do that though, if you want me to.
Or I'll just point you to our Staff Picks section:

Just like in video stores! Why didn't we think of that before?
Now you can see our favorite books, and judge us for liking those books and not others.
or perhaps you'd rather Read A Pre-Established Classic.

We now have a classic fiction section, so you can find new copies of your old favorites. We probably mentioned this before, but Penguin has a line of classics with covers by comic artists. They look amazing. Here's Sammy Harkham's cover for Kafka's Metamorphosis:

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