Boy's Club 2 Now In Store!

About a year ago, I stumbled upon a few scans of Matt Furie's 6-panels treats online. I didn't know who they were by and where they came from, all I knew was that I wanted to know more.

Now with the 2nd volume of Boy's Club, Matt's collected comics in the store, I do know more! Needless to say it's been a fantastic read. It's just arrived, and we are already down to 3 copies left! Do not fret though, we'll make sure we get more Matt Furie goodness as soon as possible!

The two Boy's Club volumes are all about a group of 4 seemingly half-animal half-humans hanging out in a world of couches, pizza, TV, soda pop,video games and drugs. Furie's characters will show you how you can burp, fart, get high and puke all over the place, and still be hilarious.

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