Butcher's Block & We Will Be Fish - Double Book Launch this Tuesday

Come to the store this Tuesday at 8pm, PistolPress authors Deanna Fong and Jp King are both launching their books! The night will consist of readings by both poets, book signings, and "everyone's favourite Korean courting tunes".

Butcher's Block is written by Deanna Fong and illustrated by Bilyana Ilievska. It "reflects on one's emotional connection to fixed locales. Using the age-old conflation of food and sex as a vehicle, this collection of poetry negotiates consumption with wry language and poetic deftness, remembering the trail of people left behind when one balances a domestic and nomadic way of life."

Jp King's We Will Be Fish "follows the travels of Leopold Canary as he searches for his missing wife through the tattered remnants of our own cities, at times operating as an appliance designer, rogue doctor, or collector of miscellaneous curios. Spanning a decade, this highly inventive collection of narrative poems reveals the life of an obsessive, emotionally hesitant recluse, nostalgic for a future that will not come to pass".

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