Calendars, Charley, Cute puppies

So hey, I know it's only October, but why don't you make a mental note about the awesome new calendars we just received here at the store. Whether you're already looking forward to leaving this year behind, or you're dreading what to get for the dullard you'll ultimately be paired up with at that annual Secret Santa exchange, consider a sweet new calendar for ringing in the new year. It'll come sooner than you think!

This one by Rex Ray is pretty eye-catching:

Fast Food has put out a calendar for 2009 too....I think I might have to pick this one up just for the "60 FUN STICKERS" provided inside!

You can also expect to see some nice new stationary and agendas to arrive soon here at 211, not to mention more calendars (Charley Harper!!).

Speaking of Charles Harper, for all of you who are fans of this book: can now take home a piece of Charles without your wallet crying crocodile tears!

This little hardcover number entitled Birds and Words is really beautiful, showcasing ornithology writings and drawings by Harper in a book that is a pleasure to flip through.

Lastly, please admire the most adorable puppy this fair city has ever seen:

Good evening!

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