the fabulous Shary Boyle in town and in-store tomorrow night!

Wednesday October 15th at 7:30pm,

We are very pleased to launch Shary Boyle's new book: Otherworld Uprising, published by our pals at Conundrum. I've long been a fan of Shary's work since I discovered her first book, Witness My Shame a few years back. Her drawings, although confident and adept, contain (and are often about) the intense awkwardness that characterizes adolescence, and for some of us, the continued adolescence of adulthood. I find her newer work even harder to look at, and that's what I love about it. This should be a great event- I think most of the 211 crew will be there, working or not.

And on a side note, one of Shary's porcelain sculptures is featured on the cover of this month's Matrix magazine. You can find that here as well. See you there tomorrow night!

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