I Swear It's Not Just Cause His Name is Kit

So another batch of carefully selected DVDs came into the store this week, and I am SO thrilled to say that wrapped up and laying amidst its fellow films was my favourite movie of all time, Badlands.

It's not great just because Sissy Spacek gives the performance of a lifetime, (and when she was only 24 or some such age) or because Martin Sheen plays a bad-ass character named Kit, but because it is simply put, in my mind, the most breathtaking work of cinema I have yet to see.

It is the original Natural Born Killers, but with an understated tension that is far more powerful than Stone's excess and ridiculousness, and instead with the aid of Tak Fujimoto, who is to cinematography what Bacon is to painting.

I can't really say more, because you just have to see this one to understand. And watch for that fish on the nightable!

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