Marc Bell Aht Show

Last night, through rain and snow, a dedicated bunch of Marc Bell fans trekked to 211 Bernard West to see what this man-machine has been thinking aloud about for the past few months.

Crowds were greeted by an extremely friendly band of D & Q staffers (only one of them was cut off by the end of the night.)

Mr. Marc Bell prepares to meet his fans. Please don't ask me about that sign and mock toilet in the background.

Marc's book Illusztraijuns will be very hard to come by if you didn't buy it last night. And if you got a signed copy, consider your kid's college tabs paid for (that is probably not true)..

And then of course the beer and wine is gone and we end up at the 24-hour greasy spoon eating poutine.

That's Amy Lockhart in a nutshell.

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