My Name Is Gigi, I Like To Dance!

OK, so I never post on the 211 blog and when I do, I post a photo of my daughter. But, eagle eyed parents or DINKS or 20-somethings will know that Gigi is wearing a Brobee dress. (that I made myself, total DIY off!) Who is Brobee? ("he's the green one!) Only a character from the best kids television show since PeeWee's Playhouse....Yo Gabba Gabba, which the brand spanking new DVD just arrived at 211.


Hot Hot Heat

The Tings Tings

Biz's Beat of the Day

And Gigi's favorite-Smoosh, and Daddy's favorite-The Shins

Of course, this post is really just a distraction from me sewing Gigi's Brobee Halloween costume, "there's a party in my tummy!"

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