One of my favourite things about Montreal is the amount of amazing festivals in this fine city. And one of my favourite festivals of all is our annual Pop Montreal festival. Every fall, this DIY music fest is the perfect 5-day cure-all for the onset of the beginnings of truly cold weather, and initial autumn blues.

This year, over 400 bands are playing, which in and of itself is pretty mind-boggling, but the cherry on top of that musical sundae (which boasts acts as diverse as Irma Thomas to the Chinese Stars) has got to be the segments of Pop, of which Drawn & Quarterly is very proud to be involved with.

For the first time ever this year, we are going to be at Kids Pop, with our Kids Workshop coordinator Iona Fournier-Tombs giving mini-bookbinding workshops at Ecole Lambert-Closse. People will have a chance to sign-up for her workshops that begin the following weekend. There are a ton of other amazing events and activities for kids and their parents, and we're really excited to be involved in this awesome community segment.

Librairie D+Q is also involved with Art Pop this year, as the host of an exhibition of Jack Dylan's latest Pop posters. Come out for the vernissage this Saturday at 7pm before meandering to see those 125 bands you were planning on catching that night.

Last, but not least, we are also going to be at Puces Pop all weekend long, (with some fabulous new D+Q titles to boot!) amidst a crowd of amazing artisans and independent craftspeople.

Woah. Quite alot going on this weekend, it seems. So my advice to all is to eat well (a diet of only chicken sandwiches is my personal "eat-well" recipe, but maybe that isn't such a helpful tip for the vegetarians reading this) and sleep so that you'll have the energy to go to absolutely everything. All 400 bands, plus all the Kids, Art and Puces Pop segments. We'd love to see you there.

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