Yesterday's Pohadky Launch

Here are some pictures of yesterday's event!

Pat Shewchuk and Marek Colek showed us some real sweet works of animation. I loved their animated christmas greeting!

The authors' awesome and insightful presentation was followed by an equally awesome and insightful discussion. Thanks to everyone who participated!

PS: Can you spot the D+Q artist hidden in this shot? Hint: it's Matt Forsythe on the right hand side.


D+Q will be at ExpoZine this weekend, peddling our wares and and hosting signings by Pat Shewchuk + Marek Colek (Pohadky)and Pascal Girard, whose brand new Petit Livre, Nicolas, we just received. Our schedule for the weekend is as follows:


12 pm- Fair Opens
2-4 pm- Pat Shewchuk + Marek Colek signing
6 pm- Fair Closes


12 pm- Fair opens
1:30-3:00 pm- Pat + Marek signing
3:00-4:00- Pascal Girard signing
6:00 pm- Fair closes

So come visit us at 5035 St Dominique, in between St Joseph and Laurier. D+Q artists Matt Forsythe (Ojingogo) and Peter Thompson (The Chronicles of Lucky Ello) will also be there selling their own books, and I'm sure that they would sign copies of their D+Q published books if you asked them nicely.

If nothing else, come to say hi to Kit, Rebecca, Jamie Salomon and me, and try to stave off the early winter depression by buying cool stuff!


Pohadky launch this Friday

It what may be a first for a D+Q book, there is now a promotional animated video up for the book Pohadky, courtesy of artists Pat Shewchuk and Marek Colek. Pohadky launches at the Drawn & Quarterly store this Friday at 7:00 pm.


Peter Thompson (at left) and James Kirkpatrick (right) are two fine young Ontarioan lads who are right now hanging out at 211, putting drawings up form their new book, Brain Trust. Friendly guys both, their drawings and paintings suggest hundreds of hours of twisty-turvy conversations and brain synchronizations. . Beautiful stuff.

And if you miss their LAUNCH TONIGHT you can still see their works hanging on our wall for the next month or so.

All of it is for sale and priced reasonably.

Including the flagship Brain Trust cover piece -- The Original -- in pink.

Come see the work of these fine collaborators, at 211.

Tonight!! Brain Trust Launch!

Tonight, celebrate the launch of Anteism's new book: Brain Trust.

Brain Trust collects over 90 collaborative drawings by Peter Thompson (author of D&Q's - Lucky Ello) and James Kirkpatrick (a.k.a. Thesis). The two have been drawing and painting together for 8 years now, which has given their work the quality and look of having one (very strange) author instead of two.
It all starts at 7:30pm
Wednesday Nov. 26
211 Bernard O.
Be there.

Makin' books, Expozine, books, books, books!!

Montreal's a city of many amazing annual festivals and fairs, but the one that's high on my list is coming up...EXPOZINE!

The whole thing is an admirable affair, really; whether you're famous or a "nobody," for a nominal fee of 25 dollars you can set up shop for two whole days and peddle your goods to your fellow citizens at one of the sweetest small press fairs in Canada.

Want to be involved?? Well, I think all the spots are filled up for this year (there is a waiting list on their website), but why not prep for next year? 211 Bernard can help you out.

Watcha Mean, What's a Zine? is a great primer for entering the zine world. If you're a well seasoned zine-maker you probably won't need the technical advice but the contributions by a roster of great artists and writers are guaranteed to please novices and experts alike! If you're new to the craft or have a misguided cousin who needs some direction (kids these days), it's perfect. Sarah and Sonia of the Anchor Archive Regional Zine Project in Halifax use this book for their zine-making workshop with kids:

Contributors include: Paperrad, Ron Rege Jr., Allison Cole, Anders Nilsen and more! WOW!

Being into bookbinding/making for a while, I was excited for this to arrive:

It's wonderfully designed in a dada-collage kind of way and is inspiring even on just a visual level.

A whole section on accordion books! Be still, my heart.

Expozine is November 29-30 from 12pm-6pm at 5035 St. Dominique (and Laurier).

As a patron of the festival, you can expect to see all sorts of things ranging from zines, prints, drawings, posters, handmade stuff and of course, D+Q books! Come say hi to our folk and get a taste of our stock in a sweaty and cramped church basement.

Whether you're at Expozine selling or buying, get bookmaking! You've got one week.

Idler's Glossary

Just received the Seth designed Idler's Glossary. A glossary of terms for, well.. the lazy!
Check out the mirror article here:
I love Seth's illustrations within the book, as well as the embossed covers. Note: THE IDLER'S GLOSSARY IS PERFECT STOCKING SIZE. That's is right, I have made a Christmas reference. Really though this would make any idling Papa (or Maman) happy.

Hidden Treasures

Not that these books are hidden, exactly, (in fact, they are both prominently displayed at our fine bookstore) it's just that these 2 amazing titles aren't as thick and shiny as some of their big book friends. But isn't there an expression about small being beautiful?

The first I felt compelled to point out is called Boiled Beef, and is a limited edition book of drawings by the amazing Kevin Scalzo. I picked this one up recently (for $6!) and just can't get enough. It's pretty easy to see (below) why.

Scalzo's drawings are at once hilarious and fantastical, yet melancholic and contemplative. A hard mix to pull off well. Boiled Beef provokes feelings similar to the ones you get when you make a fort all by your lonesome and sit up in it all night, remembering some sad and some happy stuff that's happened. Seriously.

In a very similar format but totally different vein, Fiona Smyth's fantastic, The Virtuous/Rise of the Matriarchy, a recent self-publication (priced at $5!), is a powerful parade of illustrations that show off her immense talent as an established artist as well as the wonders of her imagination.

Her book is chock full of interesting, strong female characters who float through the pages and straight into your head.

It's a real honour to be able to offer in our store these gorgeous limited edition, small publications from extremely accomplished (Canadian!) art makers. Come by and take a look!

Pohadky Launch!

Join D+Q in launching Pat Shewchuk and Marek Colek's Pohadky at 211 Bernard on Friday, November 28th. Details are as follows:

Launch of Pohadky by Pat Shewchuk and Marek Colek

7 pm, Friday, November 28th
Librairie Drawn & Quarterly
211 Bernard Ouest, Montreal
(514) 279-2224

Thanks, Phil!

Phil Elverum gives our little store a big shout out over on Pitchfork today. Thanks, Phil, you rule!

Simon Bossé

Simon has long been my favorite Montreal poster artist out of a talented bunch. He has a great loose confident cartoon-y style and probably the most perfect registration and color-mixing of the bunch. His posters command the telephone poles of Mile-End. Below are a few of my recent faves. And these babies are cheap! I think the most expensive of the lot is $20.

Art Books of the week!

Sarah Sze:

I've been tracking Sze's work for awhile now via her website and it was a delight to receive this comprehensive profile in print. Like many sculptors nowadays, Sze works with the kind of banal materials you might find at a Dollarama or Home Depot. It's as though she spends enough time playing with them that they become imbued with a sort of magic.

I've walked through her museum installations before and felt like I'd been transported to a fairy-land -- part of what makes this land so special is that its materials are stuff we're all familiar with: bottle caps, tape measures, ladders, paper cups, etc. The one at right is actually my favorite (materials: paper, lamps, car doors).
This book is packed with eye-candy plates that are so beautiful, they could pass as paintings.

Tom Friedman:

Another artist making common materials into magic is Tom Friedman. He goes about it a little more conceptually, but no less playfully. Here's a 3-D portrait of himself--getting violently torn apart--made entirely of construction paper.

That was a little harsh...

Here, to sweeten the deal (har), I'll give you his self-portrait made of sugar cubes.
There's plenty more. This book blows my mind--come see (my mind, blown)!

Animal Hotness

By very briefly mentioning kittens in her last post, Elif has unknowingly put me in a burning "let's talk kittens" mood. So here I am, recommending my top 3 picks for all of you animal-obsessed freaks out there:

1) Cat Getting Out Of The Bag - Jeffrey Brown

Jeffrey Brown unconditionally loves cats, even when (or maybe because?) they ruin his furniture, bother him to no end and puke fur all over the place. Therefore, his portrayal of life with a cute cat is so damn charming and weirdly familiar, crazy cat people will either melt in never-ending "awws" or scream their loudest "that's so true" and various other "omg Cuddlepuff does the exact same thing!". This book is our 10th best selling title of the month. Coincidence? I think not.

2) Dogs On Rocks - William Wegman

Can you guess what's in a book titled "Dogs on Rocks"? Yup, that's right, pictures of dogs laying (or standing) on rocks. Underneath that lovely shiny light blue satin cover you'll find beautiful, poetic and sometimes incongruous shots, but that's (almost) besides the point: you should get that precious item just for the sake of telling your friends about that one book you own that's all about dogs on rocks.

3) A Really Super Book About Squirrels
- Graham Roumieu & Graham Taylor

Speaking of books with awesome titles, this one is great. It may be about the bittersweet story of unrequited friendship between an awkward man and his neighbor, but trust me, the fact that the neighbor in question is a weird and indifferent (i.e. average) squirrel changes everything. This hilarious collection of a man's unilateral feelings of friendship for a squirrel obviously enchanted more than one of you guys, as it was our 9th best selling title of the month!


I'm currently reading Roberto Bolaño's The Savage Detectives. I don't get to read as often as I'd like between work and taking care of two kids (also, I have like 7 seasons of The Shield to watch. CHIKLIS!) but this is a real page turner and is keeping me up at night. But, man, I can't wait to finish to move onto this book:

Jonathem Lethem has a great review here. There is nothing I love more than a) a boxed set and b) 800+ page novels that there's no way I have time to read. Yes!

PlaceSpace Series

Take a look at this neat little series that just came in. Praised by Wallpaper Magazine and compiled by Todd Oldham, they document notable interior spaces in snappy full color spreads.

Ever wondered what John Waters' domain looks like? Apparently he collects small plastic replicas of food, and also collages of kittens. As suspected, he and I are kindred spirits.

Each volume also features a small essay by the likes of Cindy Sherman, Amy Sedaris, and Michael Graves.

Volume 2, Home Studio Home surveys the creative spaces of the youth of Rhode Island. Ah, the lair of the art student! So much ironic flourescent macrame.

As Tom pointed out, Mat Brinkman (Teratoid Heights) is also featured in Volume 2!

Come check them out.

211's TOP SELLERS for this month!

Mark these on your Christmas list if you don't already have 'em..
And notice how many of our top selling titles are books we published -- subliminal advertising tactics? Strategic book placement? Sexy graphics? Or are our books just that good?

1. Acme Novelty Library 19 -- Chris Ware -- *D&Q title*
2. Ojingogo -- Matt Forsythe -- *D&Q title*
3. Louis Riel -- Chester Brown -- *D&Q title*

4. Illusztraijuns -- Marc Bell -- *D&Q title*
5. No One Belongs Here More Than You -- Miranda July
6. Milk Teeth -- Julie Morstad -- *D&Q title*
6. Moomin Book 3 -- Tove Jansson -- *D&Q title*
7. Print Liberation: The Screen Printing Primer -- Nick Paperone + Jamie Dillon
8. Best American Comics 2008 -- Edited by Lynda Barry
8. A Really Super Book About Squirrels -- Graham Roumieu

8. Cat Getting Out of a Bag -- Jeffrey Brown
8. Exit Wounds -- Rutu Modan -- *D&Q title*
8. Pyongyang: A Journey in North Korea -- Guy Delisle -- *D&Q title*
8. Big Questions 11 -- Anders Nilsen -- *D&Q title*
8. Dirty Plotte 1 -- Julie Doucet -- *D&Q title*
8. Intimate With The Inanimate -- Ryan Dodgson

Osamu Tezuka's MW

Boy am I glad this hot pink cover (and my undying love for Tezuka's adult-oriented work) grabbed my attention! Not exactly knowing what I was getting into, I found myself sucked into this perfect blend of personal and political stories, gasping in awe at the author's dramatic narration and brilliant character writing. You won't drop it until you've read the very last page!

The story follows the two survivors of a disaster that killed the 800 innocent inhabitants of a small secluded Japanese island. The deadly MW gas that was mass-produced for the Vietnam War by Japan (in collaboration with 'Nation X') leaked and annihilated everyone on the island except teenage hoodlum Garai and young boy Michio Yuki, who were then luckily both in a cave up in a mountain where the gas didn't reach.

15 years later, the incident has irremediably changed the two men's fate: Garai has become a catholic priest while Yuki definitely didn't choose the same path. Although he did grow up to be an exceptionally intelligent man, he lost all sense of morality and consideration for other's feelings (and lives). In fact, he became an awfully dangerous man to be around, the kind that goes around committing intricately planned murders and lots of other bad stuff.

You can imagine that when Father Garai (who already has enough on his plate with his forbidden homosexual relationship with Yuki) gets involved in the boy's cold-blooded murders and plans to dismantle the powerful but corrupt government, things get cracking.

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