Animal Hotness

By very briefly mentioning kittens in her last post, Elif has unknowingly put me in a burning "let's talk kittens" mood. So here I am, recommending my top 3 picks for all of you animal-obsessed freaks out there:

1) Cat Getting Out Of The Bag - Jeffrey Brown

Jeffrey Brown unconditionally loves cats, even when (or maybe because?) they ruin his furniture, bother him to no end and puke fur all over the place. Therefore, his portrayal of life with a cute cat is so damn charming and weirdly familiar, crazy cat people will either melt in never-ending "awws" or scream their loudest "that's so true" and various other "omg Cuddlepuff does the exact same thing!". This book is our 10th best selling title of the month. Coincidence? I think not.

2) Dogs On Rocks - William Wegman

Can you guess what's in a book titled "Dogs on Rocks"? Yup, that's right, pictures of dogs laying (or standing) on rocks. Underneath that lovely shiny light blue satin cover you'll find beautiful, poetic and sometimes incongruous shots, but that's (almost) besides the point: you should get that precious item just for the sake of telling your friends about that one book you own that's all about dogs on rocks.

3) A Really Super Book About Squirrels
- Graham Roumieu & Graham Taylor

Speaking of books with awesome titles, this one is great. It may be about the bittersweet story of unrequited friendship between an awkward man and his neighbor, but trust me, the fact that the neighbor in question is a weird and indifferent (i.e. average) squirrel changes everything. This hilarious collection of a man's unilateral feelings of friendship for a squirrel obviously enchanted more than one of you guys, as it was our 9th best selling title of the month!

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