Art Books of the week!

Sarah Sze:

I've been tracking Sze's work for awhile now via her website and it was a delight to receive this comprehensive profile in print. Like many sculptors nowadays, Sze works with the kind of banal materials you might find at a Dollarama or Home Depot. It's as though she spends enough time playing with them that they become imbued with a sort of magic.

I've walked through her museum installations before and felt like I'd been transported to a fairy-land -- part of what makes this land so special is that its materials are stuff we're all familiar with: bottle caps, tape measures, ladders, paper cups, etc. The one at right is actually my favorite (materials: paper, lamps, car doors).
This book is packed with eye-candy plates that are so beautiful, they could pass as paintings.

Tom Friedman:

Another artist making common materials into magic is Tom Friedman. He goes about it a little more conceptually, but no less playfully. Here's a 3-D portrait of himself--getting violently torn apart--made entirely of construction paper.

That was a little harsh...

Here, to sweeten the deal (har), I'll give you his self-portrait made of sugar cubes.
There's plenty more. This book blows my mind--come see (my mind, blown)!

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