Bat-Manga Now In Store!

If you're into the oldschool (non-DARK) Batman or just into japanese pop/manga aesthetics, than you will melt just like I did at the sight of this gorgeous book.

Bat-Manga is a collection of original japanese Batman & Robin stories written and drawn by Manga Master Jiro Kuwata between 1966 and 1967. The fact that it took 40 years for these to be collected and translated blows my mind! What is wrong with people?

This monograph is big and beautiful: 384 glossy pages of wonderful Batman goodness. The stories are a great blend of action, drama, morality and delicious unintentional irony which the translators conveyed masterfully! Here's a random piece of dialogue just to prove my point:

Professor: Ha Ha Ha - You came here to save your own face! ... But now I think I'll scramble your real face instead!
Batman: Professor! We're here to save you!
Professor: Thanks, but no thanks!

Most of the book consists of scans of the pages as they were originally published, and not scans the original drawings, so you get that unique and grainy look of colored ink on low quality phonebook-sized pulp. And, after every chapter, you're treated with bright colorful images of various vintage japanese Batman illustrations and paraphenalia.

{Don't you love this great Robin illustration on the back cover?}

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