I popped by the store briefly yesterday to see what new thing might have come in and Rory showed me two DVDs I've been eagerly awaiting--We Jam Econo--The Story of the Minutemen and Danielson: A Family Movie.

For my money, the Minutemen were the great 80s post-hardcore/not-hardcore band from that whole SST/Twin-Tone/Homestead era. I still regret the show I missed at the Rat in Boston way back when thinking I could catch them anytime and months later D. Boone was no longer with us. We Jam Econo is my and your chance to catch up with this inspiring bunch of true punks.

As it turns out, Pitchfork TV is running the Danielson documentary, Danielson: A Family Movie this week. I say check it out. And if you like it even half as much as I did, then you know where to go to get a copy.

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