D.I.Y. at D+Q

It seems that the whole DIY movement has really taken off recently. I wouldn't want to say "trendy" perse, as that implies some sort of negative "I was there first!!" attitude on my part, but there is definitely a wealth of publications these days to aid you in your self-education in the crafts and arts!

Here's a selection of some of the DIY books we carry here at D+Q to help take matters into your own hands.

Okay, so you can do like me and squander yeeears of your life getting a whole degree in textiles, or you can just purchase this book.

It's layed out in a really beautiful way with pretty photographs and a whole range of processes like screen printing, stenciling and stamping, all for textiles! The instructions are pretty in-depth and I get the feeling that this is a totally accessible read for the print+dye beginner.

However, try not to get discouraged when you compare your workspace with the one illustrated in the pages; the aesthetic in Printing by Hand is neat and tidy, but you'll probably spill emulsion all over your crusty bathroom floor. It's OK!

This next book is really just a great source for motivation. Sure, seeing others work hard and do well is at first discouraging and bittering (if you're anything like me anyway), but the uphill slope after that bender is one of admiration, respect and inspiration.

Handmade Nation: the Rise of DIY, Art, Craft and Design doesn't really teach you to do anything yourself, but it profiles the lives and work of many who have. Think of the book as a catalogue to an exhibition; traveling across America, Faythe Levine made a film by the same name and compiled the interviews and photographs along the way into this awesome book. Pick it up and change your life!

Ah, screenprinting in the comfort of your own home. What a hilarious nightmare! I think if I had looked at this book when I was trying to silkscreen punk rock t-shirts in my parent's suburban basement years back, I wouldn't have shed all those teenaged tears.

Print Liberation gives a great history of screenprinting, as well as tips and instructions to doing it all yourself.

Again, may we mention that we're offering a second installment of silkscreen workshops here at the store? They start on the 17th and last three weeks. The 100 dollar fee covers all supplies and is spearheaded by the extremely skilled Leyla Majeri. To reserve a spot for the course stop by the store during opening hours, or email us at workshops@drawnandquarterly.com .

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