Silkscreen Mania! Winter Workshop coming Up!

In anticipation of our upcoming Winter Silkscreening Workshop that still has room to register, we offer you an insightful look into our Fall Workshop that produced the wonderful masks we've blogged about!

Gather 'round, brethren, and feel the wisdom of the printing screen. A spattering of ink, a woosh of the squeegee, settle, sigh, lift, LOOK!

It's been a delight to observe Leyla's Silkscreening classes from my desk here. In three informative sessions, she shows participants how little is needed to create your own printing setup at home, how to print safely with the right materials, and some of the ways you can push and bring your own images to life.. over and over again.

And while I'm on the topic, I should mention a few of our students bought this book. Leyla says its great. Remember: 20% discount on all our books to workshop participants!

Our winter Silkscreen classes begin November 17th! Come put your deposit in now!

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