Hidden Treasures

Not that these books are hidden, exactly, (in fact, they are both prominently displayed at our fine bookstore) it's just that these 2 amazing titles aren't as thick and shiny as some of their big book friends. But isn't there an expression about small being beautiful?

The first I felt compelled to point out is called Boiled Beef, and is a limited edition book of drawings by the amazing Kevin Scalzo. I picked this one up recently (for $6!) and just can't get enough. It's pretty easy to see (below) why.

Scalzo's drawings are at once hilarious and fantastical, yet melancholic and contemplative. A hard mix to pull off well. Boiled Beef provokes feelings similar to the ones you get when you make a fort all by your lonesome and sit up in it all night, remembering some sad and some happy stuff that's happened. Seriously.

In a very similar format but totally different vein, Fiona Smyth's fantastic, The Virtuous/Rise of the Matriarchy, a recent self-publication (priced at $5!), is a powerful parade of illustrations that show off her immense talent as an established artist as well as the wonders of her imagination.

Her book is chock full of interesting, strong female characters who float through the pages and straight into your head.

It's a real honour to be able to offer in our store these gorgeous limited edition, small publications from extremely accomplished (Canadian!) art makers. Come by and take a look!

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