Makin' books, Expozine, books, books, books!!

Montreal's a city of many amazing annual festivals and fairs, but the one that's high on my list is coming up...EXPOZINE!

The whole thing is an admirable affair, really; whether you're famous or a "nobody," for a nominal fee of 25 dollars you can set up shop for two whole days and peddle your goods to your fellow citizens at one of the sweetest small press fairs in Canada.

Want to be involved?? Well, I think all the spots are filled up for this year (there is a waiting list on their website), but why not prep for next year? 211 Bernard can help you out.

Watcha Mean, What's a Zine? is a great primer for entering the zine world. If you're a well seasoned zine-maker you probably won't need the technical advice but the contributions by a roster of great artists and writers are guaranteed to please novices and experts alike! If you're new to the craft or have a misguided cousin who needs some direction (kids these days), it's perfect. Sarah and Sonia of the Anchor Archive Regional Zine Project in Halifax use this book for their zine-making workshop with kids:

Contributors include: Paperrad, Ron Rege Jr., Allison Cole, Anders Nilsen and more! WOW!

Being into bookbinding/making for a while, I was excited for this to arrive:

It's wonderfully designed in a dada-collage kind of way and is inspiring even on just a visual level.

A whole section on accordion books! Be still, my heart.

Expozine is November 29-30 from 12pm-6pm at 5035 St. Dominique (and Laurier).

As a patron of the festival, you can expect to see all sorts of things ranging from zines, prints, drawings, posters, handmade stuff and of course, D+Q books! Come say hi to our folk and get a taste of our stock in a sweaty and cramped church basement.

Whether you're at Expozine selling or buying, get bookmaking! You've got one week.

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