Osamu Tezuka's MW

Boy am I glad this hot pink cover (and my undying love for Tezuka's adult-oriented work) grabbed my attention! Not exactly knowing what I was getting into, I found myself sucked into this perfect blend of personal and political stories, gasping in awe at the author's dramatic narration and brilliant character writing. You won't drop it until you've read the very last page!

The story follows the two survivors of a disaster that killed the 800 innocent inhabitants of a small secluded Japanese island. The deadly MW gas that was mass-produced for the Vietnam War by Japan (in collaboration with 'Nation X') leaked and annihilated everyone on the island except teenage hoodlum Garai and young boy Michio Yuki, who were then luckily both in a cave up in a mountain where the gas didn't reach.

15 years later, the incident has irremediably changed the two men's fate: Garai has become a catholic priest while Yuki definitely didn't choose the same path. Although he did grow up to be an exceptionally intelligent man, he lost all sense of morality and consideration for other's feelings (and lives). In fact, he became an awfully dangerous man to be around, the kind that goes around committing intricately planned murders and lots of other bad stuff.

You can imagine that when Father Garai (who already has enough on his plate with his forbidden homosexual relationship with Yuki) gets involved in the boy's cold-blooded murders and plans to dismantle the powerful but corrupt government, things get cracking.

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