Boxing Day(s) Sale at the Librairie!

So I know all of you are likely not on the computer, refreshing the 211 blog obsessively and waiting for news from us, but here we are regardless with a big THANK YOU for all of your awesome patronage this past year. Like youtube videos of parrots playing footsie with cats, the fact that people are still excited about independent and locally-run business truly warms the cockles of my heart.

In order to celebrate, we're offering a giant sale (10-20% off) on tons of amazing books from fiction and non-fiction to giant art books to graphic novels galore to calendars to manga to french stuff.....

The sale starts tomorrow at High Noon and will go until Monday at sundown. Well, ok, until we close, which is a little after sundown, but my New Year's resolution is to place poetry before rational thought anyhow.

On behalf of Librairie Drawn & Quarterly, we hope you have a very Happy Holiday time!

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