Look, if you're not going to spend all your money at 211 Bernard then...

consider these folks. They are pals. Yes, there are other places nearby as well but I got busy and didn't take pictures of them.

Atelier Woodenapples (5403 ave du parc,(514)315-8912):

Our pal Amy runs a nice little hand-craft-y store a couple blocks from ours. Lots of nice (GIFT!) items by local artists that you can't find anywhere else. What else do you need to know?

Phonopolis (5403A ave du parc, right next door to Woodenapples):

Lots of vinyl in my fave record store in town (it's half a block from my house so...). Nathan's got a good curatorial sense so there's very little chaff in his pile of used releases. Also, all your new faves are here.

La Lumiere (right across the street from Librairie Drawn & Quarterly):

If you live in Mile-End then you know Trixie and her awesome kids Tallulah and Augie. When you need a break from shopping you should drop in and get a coffee or a burrito or a vegan cupcake. This is truly a family run vegetarian/vegan business and you should support!

So this is a little out of our neighborhood, but there's plenty of shopping in Petit Italia and you're gonna get hungry anywhere you go. May I suggest that if you want something a little less a-bunch-of-old-guys-watching-soccer-and-sipping-lattes then check out Le Pickup. It's run by our pals Penny and Bernie. They actually have meat on the menu!! It's like an old fashioned greasy spoon--only better. (here's the info: 7032 rue Waverly (514) 271-8011))

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