Nadia Moss and L'Oie de Cravan

Nadia Moss' new book Bebe was launched last night in conjunction with the 3rd issue of the cultural journal Bathyscape.

Many of you may be familiar with Moss, a prolific local artist involved in a lot of interesting projects musically as well as visually. Whether you are familiar with her work or she's news to you, the drawings published in Bebe will serve to delight, confound, amuse and disturb you, all at once! A beautiful saccharine mix of the surreal and the macabre. The few colored spreads in the book are totally exquisite. Come see!

Moss signing books.

You may also know L'Oie de Cravan, the publisher of Bebe. Based in Montreal, they are responsible for a lot of interesting French books, as well as many small art publications showcasing the likes of Genevieve Castree, Moss and Jeff Ladouceur. The journal Bathyscape, currently on its 3rd issue, is a l'Oie de Cravan project involving many talented locals and is a Montreal publication that one should keep an eye on.

The crowd last night.

During the launch last night, we were graced with an amazing performance by Chicagoan Matana Roberts, who can rip it up on a saxophone more than anyone I have ever, ever seen. Totally amazing!

Matana Roberts.

D+Qers Jamie Salomon, Kit Malo and Elif Saydam watch Matana in awe with some civilians.

Thanks to everyone for coming out and making this launch a success, not to mention an enjoyable winter night!!

Gala, the cutest dog in Mile End.

D+Q's "Event Elves" pictured above.

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