New stuff, olde stuff, goode stuff

Greetings! Happy New Year! It's been a long time since I've graced the pages of this blog, as I was off merry-making on the West coast. But here I am again in this glorious arctic prison! Stay positive, Dear Reader, only a few months left to go.

And what better way to while away those hideous winter hours than embark on a 900 page novel? Don't pretend you enjoy the outdoors. Read a book until you feel cross-eyed!

Ok, so this may be decidedly old news, you've probably received this for Xmas or have already devoured and tossed it aside. But humour me, please, I'd like to sing a song of praise about 2666 to someone other than mother, father, house cat!

This December Air Canada lost my suitcase. Had my nose not been buried in the pages of this fine piece of fiction, I fear my frustration may have been channeled into, say, I don't know, jabbing an Air Canada representative in the abdomen with a plastic spoon or getting a little bit "out of control." Thankfully, I had more important matters to tend to within the pages of this book.

Don't be scared by the 900 pages. In fact, you'll be sad that the book isn't written indefinitely in real time to accompany you for the rest of your meager life. Harpers and the New York Times are gushing...rightfully so!

I won't properly review 2666, I'll let Jonathan Lethem do it for me. Let my review be this:

Air Canada ruined my holiday, but Bolano reclaimed it and coddled it gently and carefully in the sky above his head on the edge of a cliff during the most beautiful sunset. I still don't have my suitcase!

Also, there are some new things in the store you should know about.

Like McSweeney's 29!

"there is jungle warfare, there are boomerang factories, there are tragedies and romances and animals it might not have been wise to bring home. There is also art on every damn page, and a finely die-cut cover, wrapped in several kinds of cloth, that will make other people want to grab this one right out of your hands, so watch out."

And hey, all you Meatcake fans: Gasoline by Dame Darcy is now available here at 211.

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