Controversial? Toast of the NYC art world? Old news?

I'm not going to pretend to know a thing about John Currin except that he paints using old-world methods and he likes boobs. Or rather he likes painting them using egg tempera. So there you go.

2 new awesome Kids books!

Sarah Varon, author of Robot Dreams just put this little gem out..

it's the story of two hard-working housekeepers in Brooklyn (a chicken and a cat, of course).. They both try so hard, but one of them can't seem to do ANYTHING right (it's the cat).. until a chance comes up to save the day!
and Nikki Mcclure, whose attention span seems to be infinite, has made another beautiful collection of paper cut drawings in the new 'All in a Day.' Keep it up Nikki!

My favorite Fantagraphics release of 2008 (I think)

Boy, do I love this comic book. If you haven't read Ted Stearn's comics then you are very lucky indeed because you can buy this book and read almost everything he's ever done in one big gulp and be astounded at his creepy, hilarious vision. In a perfect world, more people would make idiosyncratic personal comics like this.

All our dreams come true

Do I really have to write anything in this space? THIS-IS-A-BOOK-ABOUT-SESAME-STREET!!!

Winshluss' Pinocchio -- Now at the Store!

Alright, it's about time someone aside from Jamie Salomon spoke about the new Pinocchio book, which by the way, won the Best Comic Book Prize at this year's Angouleme Festival. I flipped it open yesterday and happily fell deep into the rabbit hole for the rest of the night. Winshluss's linework has a disney cartoon quality, which makes this corrupted children's tale that much more disturbing and fun to look at. Winshluss is endlessly inventive in both content and form- he tells many different stories at once and changes medium almost at random, but maintains a coherent narrative arc so that you're never bored.

His occasional full-page watercolour and pastel drawings are nothing short of beautiful. In a strange way, they give the story a sense of realism. I suppose the change of format acts the way documentary photos would.

Being a French cartoonist, Winshluss is obsessed with sex, death, viscera, scat, and exposing the dark side of humanity. But this album is also a political parable, and contains a strange sense of moral justice. I don't think it would be fair to call the guy 'immoral'. Does that even matter? I don't know.

When we finally got this album in the store, Jamie Salomon was so excited, he took it home and read the nearly 200 pages cover to cover twice over-- same day! Off hand, I remember Jamie also loving 'Monster Men Bureiko' and 'Panier de Singe'.. both of which are also in the store. Come by and check em all out!

This (North) American Life

Did you know that Ira Glass had a tv show? I bet you did. Is he as dreamy visually as he is aurally? Well, that's up to you. Here's a true story--I once urinated next to Ira. In a restroom! It was at a wedding!! This post has gotten out of hand. Anyways, we just got the DVD for the first season of the THIS AMERICAN LIFE tv show in the store.

Chimera Lucida Launch Yesterday

]Yesterday, David Fiore was at the store launching his second book, Chimera Lucida. On top of having a lovely display and delicious chocolates on hand, he explained to a captivated audience the genesis behind his new technodiegetic work.

Amongst various things, we got to learn about the origin of the book's title (a play on words referencing Roland Barthe's Camera Lucida) and about his students' interests in making the world a better place to live in. Fiore also shared with us the importance of emotionally striking moments like that time he stumbled, at night and on campus in Michigan, on a hawk standing on top of a dying rabbit getting ripped to shreds. Gosh, talk about a cover-worthy vision!

Here are a few pictures of the event, enjoy!


Please stop by tonight for the launch of Chimera Lucida, The new book by Montreal author David Foire.

Chimera Lucida
is the ballad of Roberta Flackjacket (born Johnson), who went down to the crosswalk and couldn't get up again.. It's a tale of hermetic hearts and radical ineffectuality; of the will and the Ni; of the shocking avian aggression--as told by the denizens of an internet message board.

7pm 211 Bernard


Here are some pics from last nights opening and artist talk. Greg and Kari took turns talking about their work and influences. It was a very interesting mix the of ecological and historical,
the comfortable and uncomfortable. Pop by the store to take a look if you have not already.

Kari Percival and Greg Cook !

I popped into the store this morning to get some photos of the show that Greg and Kari put up yesterday. Oh, those banners are something else!

This Monday @ 6:30pm -- Art Show with Greg Cook and Kari Percival!!

Beginning this Monday, the work of multi-talented Bostonians Greg Cook and Kari Percival will be up at Librairie D&Q.
Greg and Kari will be giving an artist talk and presentation at the store Monday the 16th @ 6:30pm

They have described the show as: "mammal ecology -- plus cute animal babies. Also war and torture." The show will run until March 14

Paul Klee's Hand Puppets now in store!

This book compiles most of the hand puppets Paul Klee (1879-1940) made for his son between 1916 and 1925. Some are directly inspired by his colleagues over at the Bauhaus, or by popular political figures, others are reminiscent of the art styles that influenced him throughout his career. On top of gorgeous photographs, the book contains an introductory essay that "tracks the work's links to other avant-garde puppetry and to Klee's sculptural works, and notes his connections to the theater." To complete your understanding of these gorgeous and imaginatively produced puppets, various commentaries, historical, biographical and personal, are shared throughout this treasure.

Hunter and Cook Vol. 2

New to the store this week is Hunter and Cook Vol. 2

Volume one was impressive (also available here at 211) but the new issue has really next-leveled itself. Check out the Seth Scriver spread below (have a look at Seth's website here)

Egg-xperimental layouts (sorry couldn't help myself)

In terms of looks and content I'd put H&C in the top 3 Canadian Magazines.
Below: an article on Toronto artist Jason Mclean

Keep it up Hunter and Cook crew, looking forward to volume 3.

Pics from the Kaspar Launch!

Mimi the pug helped Diane Obomsawin (or 'Obom') launch her latest work, Kaspar, at 211 last night. Mimi is a sort of half-pig, half-gremlin/dark angel who makes a lot of noise when she breathes. She's a very curious critter and she loves being the centre of attention.

But it was Diane's night, and her Kaspar drawings graced the walls as she gave an excellent talk about her work, which comprises drawings, paintings, design work and animations.

We were also treated to a screening of some of her shorts, including the NFB-produced: Here And There, which won 'Best Narrative Short Animation' at the Ottawa International Animation Festival. You can read about that here.

Mimi agreed, it was a great night.

Come check out Kaspar, the story of Kaspar Hauser, at 211!

Quick Update

Just a quick update on a few goings on here at the Librairie. First off: some of the original artwork for KASPAR by Diane Obomsawin is up at the store for your viewing pleasure.

And here is a poster by our in house silkscreen instructor Leyla Majeri:
The next set of courses are scheduled for Monday evenings (FEB, 23rd. March, 2nd & 9th)
The workshops are $100 and include all materials. 514.279.2224 for more details

Them So Called Cartoons

Socalled is a musician, photographer, magician and writer based in Montreal.
He was born Josh Dolgin in Ottawa, Ontario. When he's not too busy appearing on a dozen recordings as pianist, singer, arranger, rapper, writer and producer, he self-publishes Socalled Cartoons. We've got copies of volume 1 and 2 right here at the store. If you don't know how much of a comedic genius Socalled is, I've got three of his puns right here, just for you (remember they are hilariously illustrated too!)

- shelf-hating jew
- getting-down syndrome
- hummusexuality

Hurry up, we don't have much of these jewels left!

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