Pics from the Kaspar Launch!

Mimi the pug helped Diane Obomsawin (or 'Obom') launch her latest work, Kaspar, at 211 last night. Mimi is a sort of half-pig, half-gremlin/dark angel who makes a lot of noise when she breathes. She's a very curious critter and she loves being the centre of attention.

But it was Diane's night, and her Kaspar drawings graced the walls as she gave an excellent talk about her work, which comprises drawings, paintings, design work and animations.

We were also treated to a screening of some of her shorts, including the NFB-produced: Here And There, which won 'Best Narrative Short Animation' at the Ottawa International Animation Festival. You can read about that here.

Mimi agreed, it was a great night.

Come check out Kaspar, the story of Kaspar Hauser, at 211!

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